michael jacksons kids?

Okay, Now I'm not going to say MJ's kids are his or not his, because I can't say. Debbie Rowe supposedly said Michael isn't the dad but then prince has apparently developed the disease called Vitiligo, which is supposedly hereditary and Michael suffered from it, so now I don't know. But then his kids are so white - not blanket, so much, but the two eldest are.

I recently read an article about a man who turned completely white just like Michael, when he was originally a black child. He says that his daughters are white with red hair, whist he is not.

I looked it up and couldn't find an answer - if a patient suffers with vitiligo, and has children when he is white, could it affect his children? I don't mean by passing the disease onto them, but make their skin fairer? This man was black, but his mother is white, while his father is Nigerian.

I'm only asking this because I want to investigate whether Michael Jackson's kids are his. Up until recently I thought they were, (I'm positive Blanket is), but now of course I'm doubting it.

Plz help, or give opinions! thanks :)


I also got confused because in another interview, Debbie Rowe claimed they are his and they were conceived naturally.......She's lying somewhere, which makes me a bit annoyed, for the children. Their own mother (who I am aware they never thought of as mother) is lying about their father to the public!

Update 2:

I know they are his children, blood or not, but there is so much speculation, and I'm just really confused. MJ was a great father. I'm not denying that. But I'm not the only person who wants to know this so...?

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    Blanket, Paris and Prince are Michael's. If people actually take time to look at the kids and look are Michael, and look past the rumors, you can see similarities.

    And just because Michael was black, doesn't necessarily mean the kids HAVE TO have dark skin. Their mother was white. So that means their mixed.

    Here's pictures of Rashida Jones


    Her mother is Peggy Lipton, she's WHITE and her father is Quincy Jones, he's BLACK.

    Rashida is mixed, but takes more after her mother. Just like Michael's kids.

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    You will not know for sure unless you have dna results. So you shouldn't worry about that too much.

    Michael's autopsy report says he was fairly healthy for a 50 year old male, actively producing sperm, kidneys and other organs were normal, and his heart was strong with no sign of plaque buildup. So he was well able to produce children.

    Debbie's own lawyer, Iris Finsilver said Michael was absolutely the biological father on CNN, The Larry King Show. I believe they're his children. Michael said they were his, Debbie said they were his, his family and friends say they are his. Like you said Prince has vitiligo, Paris looks like Debbie, Blanket looks just like MJ. I'm not holding a dna test in my hands that says otherwise which is non of my business anyway, so I have no reason to question somebody else's paternity.

    But if you must....http://lacienegasmiled.wordpress.com/category/mich...

    Maybe you can find some answers in this link.

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    Either way blood or not they are his children that's the only father they know. He raised them till his death they will always remember him as "Daddy". So at this point does it really matter? No

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    I think MJ took too much drugs which ruining his inner body. He was probably sterile.

    Paris and Prince's father is a dermatologist, so he probably got vitago too... which probably why he studied his skin disease.

    well they don't look like MJ at all.... Sorry. They don't look like MJ.

    Tito's sons look like him.

    Beyonce's baby looks like her and her dad

    Bobby Brown's daughter looks like him and whitney

    Watch Janet Jackson's future kids will look like her.

    Halle Berry is half white and her child with a white father still doesn't look fully white.

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