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Does Joe Flacco's new contract bode well for Aaron Rodgers?

Right about now, Rodgers, who's nearing the end of his current contract, is probably asking himself, "If Joe Flacco can land $20 mil. a year, I wonder how much I can get?" The Packers front-office is probably really pissed at Ozzie Newsome right now for setting a ridiculous precedent.

It reminds me of the Mariners giving Felix Hernandez that huge contract recently. Clayton Kershaw and Justin Verlander, both of whom are better than Hernandez and approaching free-agency, are probably going to try to top that.

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    Depends on how much money is guaranteed, signing bonus, etc, that's how you can really judge a contract. Unlike MLB, these contracts aren't fully guaranteed, so they can say "highest paid ever" and all that junk but they can cut easily release the player and not have to pay the full contract. Flacco's contract will probably not have the guarantees that a Manning, Brady, or Brees have gotten in previous contracts. At least I hope not for the Ravens sake. When Rodgers signs his deal it should be among the highest in guaranteed money in NFL history.

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    Definitely. His agent will see that deal and want Rodgers' deal to top it. Hopefully the Packers give him the extension now rather than wait another year where the price will go up and other players on the team will need new contracts.I hope that he doesn't get a huge deal like that, but at this point in his career, I wouldn't expect him to take a lesser salary. I'm confident the Packers front officer knows what they are doing.

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    I know it's not fair but Rodgers can't win in the playoffs the last two years because his defense and his defensive coordinator sucks. It's not his fault but it still makes him look bad because he can't get back to the Super Bowl because of his defense. People are probably already saying, "Oh, Rodgers can't win the big games." He CAN win the big games but his defense cannot. Therefore, it still makes Rodgers looks bad. Winners of Super Bowls get rewarded with big contracts and that's just how it works. And if Green Bay's defense does not get better and the Packers can't make it to the Super bowl again, Rodgers probably won't be the highest paid QB in the league. If I were Rodgers, I would be screaming at the Packers management, "GET ME A DEFENSE QUICK!" But that's not how Rodgers is. He's laid back.

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    Read what AC said.

    then tell me what was actuly paid to the underperforming Michael Vick who signed a $100million contract a few years back yes it was more then what he deserved but it was only about half of the $100 million that people were complaining about.

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