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Can Someone tell me who would win these fights?

Dominick Cruz vs Jose Aldo(if cruz went up)

Rashad Evans vs Anderson Silva(if evans went down)

Jon Fitch vs Ben Askren

Anthony Pettis vs Benson Henderson

Roger Huerta vs Tyson Griffin(both in there prime)

Fabricio Werdum vs Antonio Silva

Andrei Arvloski vs Rampage Jackson(both in there prime and Arvloski was LHW)

Phil Davis vs Jon Jones(when davis fully develops)

Eduardo Dantas vs Michael McDonald

Nate Mardquardt vs Michael Bisping(when Mardquardt was in MW)

Dan Henderson vs Chael Sonnen(at LHW)

Lil Nog vs Big Nog(if Lil Nog moved up)


@alex i agree with most of youre picks except the Huerta one, he wasnt overated he beat guida at the time which he was a top 7-10 fighter

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    Aldo because of weight advantage and better ground game and equal standup.

    Silva because he has not lost in like 5 years idk.

    Fitch has a better wrestling pedigree as he wrestled for Iowa.

    Henderson although he has lost to Pettis before his skills have skyrocketed since attaining the belt.

    Huerta probably had the better resume in his prime and was a dominant fighter.

    Werdum as long as he would take it to the ground.

    Jackson because when arlovski was a LHW he had less muscle and jackson has KO power.

    Jones because even when Davis develops Rashad showing that he dominates Davis now shows there isnt much to be done. Jones is dominant over most fighters.

    McDonald is a better fighter with a better menu.

    Bisping has the better standup and amazing wrestling defense so he will sprawl and brawl.

    Chael would win now because Dan's cardio just isnt there anymore at his 40s.

    I doubt the nogs would ever fight but probably big nog because he is stronger and bigger.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Aldo, easily

    Silva, easily

    I don't know who would win, but the fans would lose

    Could go either way

    Griffin (Huerta was overrated)

    Werdum (I think Bigfoot got lucky against Reem)

    Arlovski, but a good fight




    Sonnen by dry-hump

    Big Nog, of course

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Rashad Evans

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