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What plugins should I have on my Minecraft Server?

Recently I got a Minecraft server, but I have no idea what plugins I should have! Can someone help me with this? The plugins should have a Permission Plugin, an Anti-Grief plugin, a Chat and Bot Protection Plugin, a Faction-Type Plugin...

The basics. My server is a PVP server.

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    Go to bukkit.org to turn it into a bukkit server where there's many plugins of the type you're looking for available. Also what's the IP?

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    It turns right into a rely of opinion with many of the plugins the place there are selections. Permissions: Permissions Bukkit, PermissionsEx, or Bpermissions. something that doesn't use superperms won't be completely like minded with new plugins. WorldEditing. Worldedit, and voxelsniper. Cant say one is greater effectual then the different because of fact they the two have applications that i exploit allot. i could say they compliment one yet another. Hero Chat. terrific chat plugin ever. No opposition there. Watch the flow of plugins continuously. you will start to make certain what plugins are greater properly maintained and properly worth your investment. You dont desire to dl a chest lock plugin that turns into out of date or is abandoned in a month and finally end up with unlocked chests on a similar time as you turn to a clean plug.

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  • -EssentialsSpawn is a great plugin for any server. It allows players do use /spawn and many other commands.

    -SWatchdog is another great plugin. These are admin assistants that keep up with griefing, spamming, etc. Watchers can ban and kick players, however don't have access to creative

    -ModDisguise is also another good one. Admins or whoever else is permitted can disguise as mobs to spy on players to see if they are breaking the rules or not.

    --WorldEdit allows buildings and structures to be made instantly, so really helps for server building projects.

    -Griefprevention protects player's from griefing so there shouldn't be too much war with griefing out there.

    -EssentialsChat guards spamming, and other chat issues, and is all around a good plugin.

    -PlayerHeads allows for player heads to be spawned as if Steve heads.. so good for spawn areas for a board of important people.

    -Multiverse-netherportals allows players to go in nether portals and warp to another world. So if you want a creative world on your server for players to access, this is a great plugin for that.

    These are just some of the great plugins available with bukkit. check out their site to find more awesome ones:


    And i would be happy to join the server ;D

    Source(s): http://plugins.bukkit.org/ Watcher on a server Lots of experience with servers
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    7 years ago

    -First and foremost, you need permissions. BPermission is the old go to. Works like a charm.

    -Next, Essentials is great for doing a wide range of things like selling items and lots of standard server comands as well as an in-game economy.

    -SWS Watchdog is great for rolling back any grief. It's a little bit unintuitive at first, but it works well.

    - If you want players to be able to do their own land protections (as well as protect your spawn area) Residences is absolutely wonderful (and ties seamlessly into the essentials economy).

    - HeroChat is great for managing chat classes and such.

    - If you want chest protection I recommend either Lockette or LWC. Both are great.

    And those cover pretty much the main plugins.

    Other neat ones you might want to add are:

    -Spectate: For viewing a player's action... make sure they aren't doing anything against server rules

    -Mob Arena: Allows you to create awesome PvE wave arenas. Complete with bosses and other goodies

    -Lift: is neat for cool little elevators

    -WorldEdit: great for server staff doing large builds.

    -Multiverse: managing multiple worlds

    The best thing to do is to get all the most important plugins working as well as permissions. Then the other fun plugins can be worked in.

    Source(s): I help run a survival server address: nerdhelpdesk.c2mcs.net
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