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What is your favorite anime fight (excluding the big three)?


The big three are Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach.

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    Some of my favorites

    Asuka vs JSDF and the MP Evas from the End of Evangelion

    Don't you just love classical music as an entire army is being wasted?

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    Nanashi vs Rarou from Sword of the Stranger

    Great soundtrack, no dialouges or flashbacks, great choreography.

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    Cloud vs Sephiroth from the FF7 movie, Advent Children

    The Final Battle of Gurren Lagann

    Just epic. The movie version makes it even more epic.

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    Homura Akemi vs Walpurgis Night from Madoka Magica

    Loved the ost used in her fight in episode 11. If you love explosions, you will love this fight. Cannot find a video unfortunetly.

    This next video is the best fight scene I have ever seen in an anime. The choreography, the artwork, the meaning behind the fight, the osts, just epic.

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    Setsuna in the Gundam O Raiser vs Mr. Bushido in the Susanowo / Gundam 00

    Kirito vs Gleam Eyes / Sword Art Online

    Age (Bellacross) vs Yuty La (Kervius) / Heroic Age

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    8 years ago

    Perfect Cell vs Gohan

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    I would say that my favorite fight is basically all Maka and Soul fights in Soul Eater. But the fight that I think is the most epic anime fight that I have ever seen is the fight between Rin Okumura and Amaimon in Blue Exorcist (Ao No Exorcist). The fight when Rin first reveals himself as the son of Satan to his friends.

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    Shirou vs Archer

    Source(s): Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
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    1. Yu Yu Hakusho - Chu vs Yusuke, or Toguro vs Yusuke

    2. Kenshin vs Saito

    3. Teen Gohan vs Perfect Cell

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    Light vs L death note fight. They were chained together, so whenever L punches light they both go flying across the room XD L fights like a boss.

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    I thought the fights in Claymore were really done well not too much not too little life threatening as it was most of the time.

    Claymore being a half human half Yoma(basically demons/monsters)

    with that being said their strength and speed are increased in order to kill Yoma.

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    The final episode of Wolf's Rain when Kiba is fighting Darcia as a purple wolf.

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