2013 MLB predictions 1-10?

NL West

1. Los Angeles Dodgers 92-70

2. San Francisco Giants 90-72

3. Arizona Diamondbacks 85-77

4. San Diego Padres 82-80

5. Colorado Rockies 63-99

NL Central

1. Cincinnati Reds 91-71

2. St. Louis Cardinals 87-75

3. Pittsburgh Pirates 83-79

4. Chicago Cubs 77-85

5. Milwaukee Brewers 75-87

NL East

1. Washington Nationals

2. Philadelphia Phillies 90-72

3. Atlanta Braves 89-73

4. New York Mets 69-93

5. Miami Marlins 60-102

Wild Card

SF over Philly


SF vs WSH - WSH 5

CIN vs LAD - LAD 4


LAD vs WSH - WSH in 6

AL West

1. Los Angeles Angels 89-73

2. Seattle Mariners 86-76 (breakout team)

3. Texas Rangers 85-77

4. Oakland Athletics 83-79

5. Houston Astros 59-103

AL Central

1. Detroit Tigers 93-69

2. Kansas City Royals 85-77

3. Chicago White Sox 83-79

4. Cleveland Indians 78-84

5. Minnesota Twins 93-99

AL East

1. Toronto Blue Jays 91-71

2. Boston Red Sox 87-75

3. Tampa Bay Rays 84-78

4. New York Yankees 82-80

5. Baltimore Orioles 78-84

Wild Card

Seattle over Boston


SEA vs DET - DET 3

LAA vs TOR - TOR 4


TOR vs DET - DET 6



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    Putting LAD and ATL on top seems to be unrealistic to me, not to mention that LAA won't make the postseason. If KC plays in the reg season like now, they could make it. i give you a 6


    that's what i predict (or i want, if you look at boston)

    AL EAST: Toronto, Boston, Baltimore, New York, Tampa Bay

    AL CENTRAL: Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Kansas City, Minnesota

    AL WEST: Oakland, Seattle, Texas, Los Angeles, Houston

    WILD CARDS: Boston, Seattle

    NL EAST: Atlanta, Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Miami

    NL CENTRAL: Cincinnati, Milwaukee, St Louis, Chicago, Pittsburgh

    NL WEST: San Francisco, Arizona, New York, San Diego, Colorado

    WILD CARDS: Milwaukee, Arizona

    WILD CARD GAMES: Boston over Seattle, Arizona over Milwaukee

    ALDS: Boston over Toronto, Oakland over Cleveland

    NLDS: Atlanta over Cincinnati, San Francisco over Arizona

    LCS: Boston over Oakland, Atlanta over San Francisco

    WS: Atlanta over Boston

    Source(s): I'm insane enough to imagine red sox in world series but not insane enough to imagine them as champions.
  • 8 years ago

    this predictions are way of did you get them in a cereal box????

    well you dont got a 95 game winner so really safe on your part. lets divide this by sections


    West: san diego sucks you really thing 82-80 close but no.

    Central: i'm a cubs fan but i know they suck. so brewers without pitching are better than cubs.

    East: you forgot to put a record on the nationals. but it seems right order it should end up like that


    West: dont think seattle is that team but i guess you are a fan of king feliz because other than that there is no bats in seattle, kendry, raul, montero, are not enough.

    Central: when was the last time that the royals ended up with 85 or more wins really, no i dont think so. and the twins are 63-99 ok they only have mouer.

    East: boston is not the second best team in the east and the order is wrong. yankees, blue jays, rays, orioles and boston.

    Source(s): a baseball brain
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I love your standings but that's probably because I am a diehard mariners fan. I am really excited about the season this year. Here are my predictions:

    NL West:

    1. Dodgers

    2. Giants

    3. Padres

    4. Diamondbacks

    5. Rockies

    NL Central:

    1. Reds

    2. Cardinals

    3. Brewers

    4. Pirates

    5. Cubs

    NL East:

    1. Nationals

    2. Braves

    3. Phillies

    4. Mets

    5. Marlins

    AL West:

    1. Angels

    2. Mariners

    3. A's

    4. Rangers

    5. Astros

    AL Central:

    1. Tigers

    2. Indians

    3. Royals

    4. White Sox

    5. Twins

    AL East:

    1. Blue Jays

    2. Orioles

    3. Yankees

    4. Rays

    5. Red Sox

    NL Wildcard

    1. Braves

    2. Giants

    Braves win

    AL Wildcard

    1. Orioles

    2. Mariners

    Mariners win with Felix


    Braves vs. Dodgers

    Dodgers win in 4

    Reds vs. Nationals

    Nationals win in 5


    Mariners vs. Angels

    Angels win in 4

    Tigers vs. Bluejays

    Tigers win in 5


    Nationals vs. Dodgers

    Dodgers win in 7


    Angels vs. Tigers

    Angels win in 6

    World Series

    Dodgers vs. Angels

    Angels win in 6

    Source(s): Sadly my two most hated teams are in the World Series.
  • 8 years ago

    Good standings, I don't think the Nationals are going to the world series this year. They aren't ready for that stage yet. Reds will win the NL Central again, SF Giants will win the NL West again,and the NL East will go to the Washington Nationals. Blue Jays I can see winning the AL East, Rangers will win the AL West, Tigers will win the AL Central. Those are my picks for this season, but yours are good as well.

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  • 7 years ago

    Looks like your predictions, much like the media "experts", were way off. Everyone wanted to crown the overrated Nats in March before a game was even played. All the naysayers doubted the Braves and despite so many injuries the entire season, they have the best record in the NL. Not to mention, had the best record in all of baseball for about a month. Do yourself a favor and throw out that crystal ball cause you cant win games on paper. Nats were a one year wonder and couldnt live up to all the endless hype that ESPN tried to force down our throats. I guess the team and fans got real cocky and believed the talking heads. They Nats sipped on that kool aid and believed that all they had to do was just show up to the ballpark and teams would just roll over and give them a WS ring. WRONG!

  • 8 years ago

    Toronto is going to win the series 4-2 over Cincinnati.division winners will be Texas/Detroit and LA Dodgers/Philly. Wild cards LA Angels/Boston/StLouis/Washington. American League Champ Toronto over Detroit.National League Champ Cincinnati over LA Dodgers.

  • kroner
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    I would like to see Steph Curry go off and lift his workforce but Spurs are lovely excellent and it must be a superior fit up. I personally think the Nuggets and Spurs would've been a greater series however the Warriors and Spurs are pretty much alike in their offense so it will have to be an exceptional fit.

  • 8 years ago

    I agree with your predictions and the Tigers will beat the Nats in 6 games and then I will turn off the XBox and go into the kitchen and get something good to eat.

  • 8 years ago

    I agree with the Tigers in the AL to the World Series again.

  • 8 years ago

    Maybe, Not so sure about Washington... Cut and paste. See you in september.

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