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How do I add a cash amount to a stock portfolio?

I was able to add $$cash to the portfolio but was unable to add a cash amount

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    I use a Money Market mutual fund like VMMXX because they stay at one dollar a share.

    As you add or subtract from your cash, you just add or subtract to the amount "invested"

    in the fund. Example....I have $500,000, so I list 500,000 shares of VMMXX in my account.

    I buy $30,000 of MCD, so I change my VMMXX holding to 470,000.

    If I am using money which has gone into my account from sale of stocks and

    bonds I don't change VMMXX because the sales will be reflected when I remove the sold

    stocks or bonds from my portfolio. If the money is from dividends, VMMXX stays the same

    and the total value of my portfolio goes up by the amount of the stock purchase.

    Obviously, the total value of my portfolio does not show the accumulated dividends or

    proceeds from sales unless I go to the trouble of adding the amounts to VMMXX.

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    My question is the opposite: How do I delete "$$CASH" from My Portfolio?

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    Hi Raymond -

    This document provides steps for adding cash or private equity holdings to a portfolio.

    Hope this helps!

    We appreciate you choosing to use Yahoo! Finance.

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