good ipod 4 gen deal?

So my friend offered to sell me his ipod 4 gen 8gb for $90 with headphones and charger. Everything work fine and it was wrapped in plastic so it dosent have any damage. Is this a good deal? Should I buy it. My major concern is that ill run out of space. I only plan o. Downloading music however. No movies or shows, maybe like 5 apps at most. Will thisbeenough space or will I run out. The ipod is practically new only got used for like a week but not sure about space? Need help asap other person has also taken interest in it!!! Thanks guys

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  • 7 years ago
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    Always buy the biggest capacity you can afford when it comes to these things. Buying another iPod is the only way to increase space, so you might as well save money in the long run by doing it right away.

    8 GB is a ridiculously low amount. Can't believe Apple actually found a big enough market to justify such a model. 16 GB should be the bare minimum for these things. Luckily, they didn't do this with the 5th gen model.

    Don't limit yourself on storage and don't assume you're only gonna use it for "this and that." I said the exact same thing you did about the 32 GB 4th gen Touch I bought almost 2 years ago. However, I had never owned an Apple product before. Then I saw what the App Store has to offer. Then I started getting into techno, house and dubstep. Then I saw all my favorite 90s tracks. All this leaded to over $600 worth of iTunes song purchases over the past several years. Now, I'll have to buy a 64 GB model because I barely have any space on my Touch for all my music (well over 23 GB plus all my apps), and it doesn't run as quick as it should because of it. Another reason why I wouldn't recommend "buying what you need." Maximizing the storage capacity could impede its performance. Save some more money and spend that extra dollar on higher capacity.

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