Kourtney Kardashian vs Jonathan Cheban?

On that Episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.Who do yau'll think was rite and wrong between Kourtney and Jonathan

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  • 8 years ago
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    Jonathan was right. Kourtney I'm sorry but you have gotten on my nerves. I used to like you but I hate the way you treat people. I hated the way you treated Khloe on the last Miami Season. I don't like the way she treats Scott. She's like a angry little Gremlin. She's always criticizing people. Stuck up. Nagging & Negative. She's making the Show so boring and annoying.

    Sorry but the show sucks it's all about her & her breast feeding. Poor Scott.

    I get they are Sisters and forgive each other but I didn't like how she acts like it's all about her..

    Like the House. She has to have the master bedroom when I don't even like her in the Show anymore...She's so weird making Scott sleep in other rooms. They have the most dysfunctional relationship. Did you hear him say that they only have sex like 1 time and that its only to have a Baby? That he feels like a sperm donor and that's it? I feel bad for him. She has been nothing but a ***** out of everyone. Even in interviews Kim said that Kourtney would boss her around when they where kids...well she's still doing it. Kim really does a lot of everyone...she gives a lot. I never knew Kim was so caring before..Bruce annoys me too lol.But Kim works hard and none of them would have a cent if it wasn't for Kim. & none of them are great full..

    I wish I had a friend like Jonathan that would always be there for me and stick up for me. He cares for Kim a lot and saw his friend being treated unfairly by someone he feels isn't even close to being famous if it wasn't for Kim. He boiled up walking threw the new house that all Kourtney's and his pushing limit was when he saw Kim's room. He knows how much Kim works and that she pays for everything and he had every right sticking up to that wicked which you thinks she is above everyone. The way she treated her Employee's was down right disgraceful. Kim & Jonathan are nice people. i can't stand Kourtney's whinny annoying voice bitching and putting people down constantly the show gonna flunk if it stays being all about all she cares about..which is herself and her pregnancy and her Body odor and her miserable negative bitchy life. Sorry but I like Kim & Khloe...They are bubbly, more compassionate, happy & positive and fun.

    Source(s): Watches the Show ALLLLOT! :)
  • 8 years ago

    He was right when he said she would be nothing without kim (because of her sex tape), also, she has kids and she "seems" like a good mother, but I do hate how kourtney got the best of the house kim bought because she did take almost the entire house for her family, so my question on that would be, kourtney is a grown woman now, she has her OWN family she doesnt need to live with her sister anymore she and her husband or whatever he is have enough money to get their own house and be a real family. I guess they just care about the money so screw them they always do stupid stuff for attention but its entertaining lol

  • 8 years ago

    I agree with both of them. Kourtney hasn't been putting that much time into the business, but she has to kids to take care of by herself. And Jonathan always be up on Kim but they are best friends. I think the whole thing was funny.

  • 8 years ago

    Right because fights between sisters are BETWEEN SISTERS and only them. Team Kourtney!

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  • 4 years ago

    Christina Aguilera the entire way!! Ive loved her in view that mulan and genie in a bottle. And so far as measurement i haven't any notion however i do not fairly worry about it until she gets tremendous skinny and appears ugly n anorexic due to the fact that she is so pretty and if she misplaced any weight i might be sad. I hate when ladies believe they ought to be a twig to be pretty, believe me guys dont consider thats adorable

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