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What do people from the Dominican Republic consider themselves, Black or Hispanic?

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    Hispanic isn't a race. Hispanic means anyone who speaks Spanish from Latin America regardless of race....

    The Dominican republic, is diverse but has the highest amount of afro latinos in their country vs. Other hispanic countries. The island of hispanoila, that later became the Dominican republic and Haiti was the first place African slaves were imported after the French killed off a lot of the native Americans on the island. To make a long story short the africans on that island gained their independent from the French and to make an even longer story short, the Spanish came to the island and took over one half of the island naming it the Dominican republic while the French speaking half was Haiti....

    To make an even longer story short lol the Spaniards were extremely racist and are responsible for the identity crisis many Latin Americans suffer from. The Spaniards brainwashed dominicans and many other Latin Americans into hating themselves and worshiping the ancestors of the people who oppressed them. There is this saying that goes "adelantar la raza" which means "advance the race" created by the Spaniards that suggest that native Americans and africans are inferior to whites and there for should "adelantar la raza" through only mixing with lighter skin people so that over time your once black or native race becomes white or closer to genetically. It encourages non white Latin Americans to racially cleanse their own people through rejecting who they are and only mixing with lighter people in an attempt to whitened the race or advance the race. So today, because of that, and the brainwashing Spaniards caused, you have black latinos who don't know they are black and native american latinos who don't know they are native american because the Spaniards came up with this system for labeling different skintones to tell these people who they are. Members of the same race, with different complexion may get treated better socially than his brother or sister with a darker complexion. This white washed system causes insecurity about ones self. You even have some dominicans so brainwashed to the fact where they not only reject their African ancestors and don't know what race they are but they discriminate against others of African descent as if they are superior when both parties come from the same ancestry. Some even go so far as to say each and everyone of their ancestors were from Spain looking more African than in facial features than Will Smith(Chris Tucker is Dominican by the way but he isn't ashamed to say he's black like most dominicans.... That guy from Rush Hour).

    You need to understand their history before asking what they consider themselves. Because while there are some Dominicans who are proud to be black, Theres those who want to completely erase that side of them.

    Here's afro latinos talking about what its like to be afro latino. They also cover the identity crisis I mentioned.

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  • backes
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    3 years ago

    Chris Tucker Dominican

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  • 7 years ago


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    7 years ago

    Usually Hispanic from what I've seen/heard.

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