As tenants, In the case of this false alarm, do we have to pay for it?

I live in a basement apartment where, the other day, I was cooking bacon. I didn't put the fan on the over, I just forgot and the smoke set the fire alarm off.

I suppose my Landlady has an AT&T type service and so in response to the fire alarm the firefighters were sent out to check it out. I do believe AT&T calls the home-owners before doing so, but they may have been out at work. A false-alarm obviously brings it's own charges.

However I was A) Completely unaware that the security system was either hooked up to our fire alarm, or that it does this, B) I'm not attached to the security system in any way (IE - they don't have my number, so they don't call me to see what's up.

That being said, there is nothing in my lease agreement which states that I'm either entitled to any security service nor that there is a chance of false alarms, nor that I'll be held for any charges relating to that security. They mentioned the false alarm could be $800 - I can't afford to pay that!

Toronto law, please.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Local governments with false-alarm ordinances frequently provide for one or two warnings before the actual fines are enforced, so you may be in luck.

    Your best course of action would be to contact the local authorities and explain the situation, then sit down with the landlady to make sure that everybody's on the same page.

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    7 years ago

    Sorry but judges have already ruled that the tenant's action caused the alarm to go off thus he/she is responsible for the charges. Your burning bacon drifted up to main house alarm. In the future use the fan

  • 7 years ago

    If I do recall the first alarm violation should be free as a courtesy

    You are liable for setting off the alarm due to negligence however given that you did not know there was alarm you should be fine

    I doubt they will charge you

    I would call the landlord right now and explain the situation

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