Question about drug testing baby?

I went to the doctor on January 16th because I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. When I went to the doctor they asked me when was the last time I had my period, which I wasn't too sure about because my periods were irregular ever since I was off the depo shot. I didnt find out until January 19th when I had an ultrasound that I was already 22 weeks pregnant (6 months). I had been smoking pot, which I already know isn't helpful for my child, but I am worried about my baby testing positive for THC. Can I be penalized for this when I did not know I was pregnant? I am super worried they will take my child away and they will just tear my world apart. I live in Michigan if that is any help to this question. What tests do CPS do? I'd wish for no negative feedback, I'm not a bad person or parent, just in a bad situation. If the tests are positive I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep my child! NA meetings, drug tests randomly, anything. I love my child and will do anything for him!


I did not quit right away I smoked until I believe my 29th week, I know it wasnt the smartest thing to do but I'd rather be honest then lie and not get the right answers. Some people told me that they will take your baby away as soon as they detect any drugs in its blood/system and others have told me that they will work with you, have you go to meetings etc. Which is true?

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  • 8 years ago
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    for starters ur 5months preggo and a bit. 4.5weeks=1month. also dont worry about that by the time baby is born all thc shoukd be out of babies system provided u quit right when u found out. when i got oregnant with my first i didnt know i was pregnant until i was 4months along and i was a heavy potsmoker at that time. i had a healthy baby girl and there was no thc in her system the day she was born. they dont actually drug test a baby. they take blood work from every singlw baby before they leave the hospita. if drugs shown the blood work then cps gets involved. so if uve already quit dont even worry sweety. get taking prenatal vitamins asap. congrats n best of luck!!

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  • 5 years ago

    The doctors can inform do not you worry if it's a druggie child. I had several babies come into my care that the mother was a daily alcohol abuser. The babies had withdrawal for months. For alcohol inside minutes of coming into the mother's methods the fetus's degree is the identical because the toddlers. You aren't serving to her in any respect by staying quiet. However then when the youngster is born with brain damage no body may even need to test to know mother was on medicines.

  • 8 years ago

    Honestly i dont know. But before i.found.out i was pregnant i had smoked only twice in the first two months.

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