What should i get for my birthday?

I know this is the wrong catagory but nobody has been anwsering my question in the social culture catagory and im sorry.Im a girl and im turing 15 on March 15th.I already have a iphone and ipad.i want a hamster and i did have one 2 years ago but he lived till 3 years. is there anything else but a hamster or clothes ideas? i also am having a small 15 to 20 people party and was also wondering is there any good party themes or ideas also.thank you for you anwsers :).


Sorry Ramon C some people make mistakes all the time nobody is perfect in the world including you and i.Also,my friends get birthday presents still. one of my friends got a cat and my other friend got a ipod touch.we are only teens and plus i would save some money i get on my birthday towards a car when im a senior in highschool. Also i bet you must of got stuff when you were a teen unless you still are one.my point is not to be mean and in addition you must of asked for something on your birthday like a car or wedding ring or even a hug.Im sorry we BOTH were being kind of mean but its reality. Ps i did appreciate the happy birthday that was a nice thought

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  • 8 years ago
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    How about a charm bracelet? It's a gift you can add to for the rest of your life

    .A few examples:

    A driers license charm when you get your license.

    A cap or diploma charm when you graduate.

    A little ring charm when you get engaged.

    A little bootie charm with a pink or blue stone when you have a baby.

    And when you get older your kids & grandkids will love hearing the stories behind the charms.

    As for a theme, maybe the 80's? Big hair and all!

    Just a couple thoughts Hope you have a great birthday!!!

    P.S. I'll be 55 on March 26th. My granddauhters are 6 & 7 and they LOVE my charm bracelets.

    Source(s): Life's Lessons Learned :)
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