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An Atheist to Atheists I have a question. Atheists only please.?

Do militant trolling atheists bother you? I mean having a logical debate with other religions is fine to me but you have some it seems that say the most vile things or treat atheism like a new toy at Christmas that they will not shut the hell up about almost like some "Evangelical Atheist". And the troll atheists saying things for shock factor very disgusting things and pretty much making anyone who claims to be nonreligious look bad. We get angry when people shove religion down our throats and yet we have a few that jump in conversations they hear in passing about religion that has nothing to do with them to go. THERE IS NO GOD LOGIC A,B AND C and laughs as the walk away even tho all they have done is regurgitate something they read on a website without putting any real thought into religion itself. Most of the good atheists I have met will debate Christians but for the most part you never know they are atheist unless you attack them with your religion personally. Others throw the fact they are an atheist around like some deluded fan-boy. Does it ever make you feel bad theythey make non religious people look bad?


Note places like Y/A are an open debate forum. But these people do it everywhere. As for the vile thing some one posted things such as se><ual relations with animals, jesus, etc. That is even bad taste for a non-religious person and is nothing more than disqusting.

Update 2:

Sure Ra believe what you want to believe this is a straight forward question and by your avatr and name I would say you are not here to debate but to troll.

Update 3:

Sure Ra believe what you want to believe this is a straight forward question and by your avatr and name I would say you are not here to debate but to troll.

Update 4:

Don;t rock the boat if you mean keep my opinions to myself then you are right. I don't want a Christian screaming in my face about their religion why should I without provocation scream at them? We all have the right to believe what we want to believe and just like the fascists you say they are you are constantly trying to counter their fascism with facism of your own. Your beliefs over thiers even tho it does not affect you anyway.

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    Atheism is a rejection of a subset of superstitious belief, but it's no guarantee of rational thought. R&S makes this embarassingly obvious.

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    I agree with you. Many people on here, theists included, can be very mean and nasty. I can see how easily it happens when people are disagreeing about core beliefs.

    We should all try to be respectful of each other. I try not to be snarky unless I get some obvious trolls. Then I'm sometimes a smartass but overall, I do agree with you and I'd like to see atheists actually be the bigger people because we're the one's that are the most misunderstood.

    The world would be better without religion so we should be living examples of that.

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    It irritates me, but not because i feel it makes atheists look bad. It's for the simple fact that people who try to shove their thoughts down others throats, and just pick apart others for no reason but to *****, gets on my nerves. If it was about a debate, then it should be civilized. Name calling, taunting, and arrogance just makes you look stupid, regardless of religion (or lack of)..

    I'm used to trolls, though. So, it's more the people in real life. Those who honestly think they have some kind of right to belittle someone else for what they do/don't believe.

    If they're not bothering you, or hurting someone, leave them alone.

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    Oh brother....where to start.....

    1 - open forum, all are free to leave if they don't like it

    2 - censorship is bad

    3 - childish peeps should just be ignored

    4 - attention whores are pathetic & you should recognize them as such

    Sometimes the idiots on both sides of the fence get to me.....or our side (atheist) or their side.....whatever....that's when it's time to sign out for a bitsy....

    PS: I am not here to debate. It's not a debate forum. It's a question & answer forum....I ask questions when I'm curious & I try to help the rest of the time....occasionally I'm in a pizzy mood & I rant....that usually gets deleted by the monkeys PDQ.

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    It does a little. But I probably act a little militant to some people. I don't like atheists that give atheists a bad name. Christians tend to end up thinking we all act that way. But I think the Christians have the same problems.

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    It annoys me when christians blindly follow something they know nothing about. When you try give them actual facts and all they can reply with is "GOD IS GOOD!" and "THE LORD SHUNS YOU". I agree that some guys are giving atheists a bad name and should chill out a little bit because it is sometimes unnecessary but sometimes you can't help but lose your temper against ignorance

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    No i can spot and ignore ungenuine posts, just like this dubious offering, I mean are you saying we should keep very quiet and be like timid little mice and show everyone the utmost respect even when they are neo-fascists, i don't think so. It is up to you if you want to be a good little church mouse and not rock the boat.

    Source(s): , this is not an open debate forum, it is a question and answer forum, giving you answers you don't want to hear is not fascism and you cannot tell anything about me judging by my avatar, This so called question makes me angrier than have any Christian shout their nonsense in my face, don't even dream of apologising on my behalf, you coward
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    Everyone has phases or moments in their lives when they're brash.

    It's not forever.

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    Depends on the people in how I respond...


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