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An Ode to a Pineapple-dwelling Sponge

In a world so devoid of enduring personalities, it's refreshing to know that one sponge—a certain SpongeBob Squarepants—has the ability to single handily, despite his porous frame, renew my faith in humanity; well, I suppose in “sponge-anity.” While some merely profess their virtue, others live it; Mr. Squarepants, he lives it. As his name suggest, SpongeBob is in fact a sea sponge; his outline is rectangular, he has large blue eyes, freckles on each cheek, and rarely strays from his daily wardrobe of a white collared shirt, well-shined black dress shoes, a brown belted-shorts, and a simple yet classy red tie. Though mostly superficial, his choice of clothing does suggest a humble simplicity that is central to his character.

SpongeBob resides in the charming, underwater ocean-town of Bikini Bottom; a town populated by ocean-life so completely integrated that one wonders when and how the population is even sustained. Independent of the species, SpongeBob is not only social, but friendly to the point of regularly irritating his fellow-citizens. One example of his uninhibited kindness is seen in an episode entitled “Best Day Ever”, in which he sacrifices his best day just to help his friends: helping his Sandy the squirrel fix a leak in her bio-dome, as well as letting his best friend Patrick (a starfish) use his jelly-fish net, after he had broken his.

Like most facets of his life, SpongeBob's home life is quaint and simplistic. His house is a pineapple, and he lives alone in this dwelling with his sea-snail Gary, who in many ways is SpongeBob's one and only love. He has two text door neighbors: Squidward and Patrick. Squidward, though kind at heart, tends to be rude and condescending, something that is especially easy to be towards the childish sponge. The simple-minded Patrick—an obese pink starfish—lives under a rock, and is SpongeBob's best friend. Their relationship is comparable to a Laurel and Hardy relationship, though the duo might be more accurately typified as “Laurel and Laurel.”

Though presumably an adult, SpongeBob is often immature and naive about the outside world. This niceness often puts both him and his acquaintances in socially awkward situations. In one episode he is resolved to show how good of a neighbor he is. As usual he wakes up very early, and in an attempt to be neighborly gives his next door neighbor and co-worker, Squidward a wake-up call; it's however Sunday, and the act of unwitting disturbance is not appreciated. He then tries again by bringing Squidward the Sunday newspaper, which is also met with annoyance instead of appreciation. Throughout the day he tries again and again to gain Squidward's appreciation, which send Squidward over the edge, forcing him to exclaim “you are a terrible neighbor.” This illustrates two attributes that I like about SpongeBob, his innocence and his resilience. Whatever the obstacle, his indomitable optimism seems to be sufficient for the task at hand.

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SpongeBob's self-discipline is demonstrated by the variety of recreational activities which he regularly partakes in, some of which excels more in than others. His musical savviness, for example, shows through whenever he sings or plays his elongated nose like a flute. Foremost among his hobbies is jelly-fishing, which though similar to the popular land-dwelling activity of butterfly catching, varies in that jellyfish can inflict a painful shock if mishandled. SpongeBob also participates in Karate—taking lessons from his friend Sandy.

In addition to devoting plenty of time to recreation, his work-ethic is unmatched. SpongeBob is able to find pleasure in whatever task he is assigned—independent of how mundane it might be. Every morning he wakes up with a renewed enthusiasm and vigor ready to go to work. SpongeBob works as a fry cook at burger restaurant called “The Crusty Crab”, owned by the miserly Mr. Crabs. It's clearly implied in many episodes that SpongeBob works for much

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less than minimum wage. This doesn't faze him in the least, he nevertheless gives his entire heart to his work—to such an extent that his burger-flipping skills are regarded as super-human, and verified as such after defeating Triton, the son of Poseidon, in a burger frying competition. There is no place he rather be than at work, which I feel is an important and respectable message; what it conveys is the idea that a job—whatever that job might be—ought not be viewed a tiresome, because if you love what it is that you do, a job becomes an end in itself.

You might find the character of SpongeBob Squarepants as rather unimpressive. I would assume that the majority of the essays will depict various fathers of virtue, solemn sagacious grandfathers, and other individuals sparkling with valor. Me personally, I am tired of these people—I appreciate them, but am tired of them. SpongeBob to me represents a child-like simplicity that I miss seeing in others, and that I also miss seeing in

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