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How many dogs does it take to bring down a wild boar?

Also, what kinds of dogs do I need, both breeds and type (baying as I read somewhere is important)?

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  • 7 years ago
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    You don't need 50 dogs. That's just ridiculous.

    Before you even get started or start thinking about doing this, you need to get in touch with people who actually hunt wild boar with dogs.

    Some use hounds, like Treeing Walkers and Plotts, others use American Bulldogs and pit mixes.

    This is not something you do alone, nor is it something you do with only 1 dog. Wild Boars are dangerous animals, they can rip you and your dog apart with their tusks, they are very quick and they will eat anything, which includes animals and man.

    edit: Larry is correct in the fact that the dogs do not kill the boar, they just hold it, basically immobilizing it, until the hunter kills it.

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  • kuhle
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    4 years ago

    I hate to look an animal die...Even when it's average. However, i do know animals ought to die to continue the food chain. If I had a choice of going out searching with anyone and going to a dog battle, i might opt for going searching fingers down. Who would quite revel in watching two puppies maul and mangle each other except one sooner or later dies......This is grotesque and hard for me to appreciate a character who would love to see this. I'm now not a hunter, nor do i know any one who hunts well, however that is what I suppose......Searching has been round due to the fact that the starting of time. This is how man survived....Just like animals have got to kill to survive. Now it is carried out in general as a activity. I feel most hunters experience being outside...They enjoy the contemporary air and appreciate nature. After they kill, they care in regards to the suffering of the animal and do what they can to kill it and not let it endure. Additionally they use the meat to devour. Hunting is managed and it also helps the over-populace. I feel when some hunt with puppies, it offers them a hazard to work carefully with their dog and so they work as a crew. Hunting is some distance unique from seeing animals being torn apart and allowed to undergo.....You can not even examine the two.

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  • 7 years ago

    They usually run 3 or 4 dogs. A lot of them are big pit bulls or big boxers with strong vise gripe like jaws. They normally don't kill the pig, they just hold it until the hunter gets there and either shoots it or ties its feet together together. Expect some big vet bills because the pig will sometimes get in a few licks in on the dog also.

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  • 7 years ago

    That's difficult to answer when setting dogs against any animal that is capable of killing them.

    To be on the safe side I'll go with 50 dogs minimum, but only if the boar is tranquilized first so that it does not feel any pain and is oblivious to the savagery being inflicted upon it OR able to injure the dogs.

    Source(s): This question would actually be better served in the hunting section.
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