Are the United States untouchable?

i was watching a video of one of the member of the Medellin Cartel who is serving a 30 years sentence or something like that. On one of the interviews in prison he said "Nobody can touch the US, they are something serious" and this was coming from a guy who was a terrorist-killer associated with Escobar. They destroyed the system in Colombia and controlled about 80% of the cocaine business, they were powerful. It surprise me he said the US are untouchable...

Why? because of the Army?. This was the same people that were planning the assassination of Bush father. Bush father was going to visit Colombia in January of 1990 but Rodriguez Gacha aka El Mexicano, who was planning the assassination got betray by his main bodyguard and killed by the police a month earlier.

if a powerful/terrorist man would've wanted to destroy the US you guys think it would be possible? i mean...its difficult but not impossible, but i think someone can hire an large group of scientist, make an underground lab, and start from there.

i think the US does a good job preventing new characters from getting too powerful thats why they have keep the untouchable status imo....what do you guys think about the US being untouchable.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Well, in my opinion. For all practical purposes. Yes they are, un destructible, that is. . Out of the combined military spending of all the nations there are, The united States of America is responsible for over 40 percent of it. 711 out of 1738,(In Billions) It's roughly 7 times more than the next most powerful country.China.

    Furthermore, America being a member of NATO, has several powerful allies. Plus, it's geographical location too renders it hard to attack.Apart from Mexico, which has a somewhat porous border, All the other nations bordering America are fairly stable and well inclined.

    9/11 was a big blow. but the simple fact is, that while the loss of life is deplorable, the number was negligible in 9/11 killed 3000 people, road accidents kill over 40,000 every year.

    Am american is more likely to die by drowning in the bathtub, or be killed by Grizzly Bear than be killed by a terrorist.

    Furthermore, America has a very strong focus on technological development, which too cements it's security.

  • 7 years ago

    But no, we're such a young country, only a few hundred years -.-

    We'll make some mistakes and hopefully most countries will forgive us;

    But the ones you haven't heard of are the whole CIA secret stuff going on.

    We publicly are untouchable; but behind closed curtains its a bit different.

    But we do so much stuff in secrecy, to keep it looking like we are untouchable.

    In 1962 we SECRETLY photographed pictures of nuclear missile facilities in Cuba, and didn't confront them publicly; because it'd make US and the young JFK look weak and vulnerable. Then JFK met with the Soviet leader with a lot of closed door kind of stuff going on, and pretty much JFK said; "I may be young, but I don't want to look weak to you; now stand down and take your missiles out of Cuba.. please?"

    And thats just a brief history of how we have been weak.

    But the whole "Start underground revolution society" thing isnt really realistic they'd likely be discovered by the CIA or FBI they probably have a little more monitoring than you'd think.

    But really publicly we don't let people know whats going on until its already done.

    Yet we're fairly untouchable. The only attack we've had on MAIN soil is 9/11, otherwise we we're attacked at Pearl Harbor. And both people paid for both actions; Bin Laden is dead, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki we're bombed. Atomically.

    So if you do mess with us the Navy Seals will come knocking for your leader or our bombs are super heated.

    Source(s): Thats just some basic history.
  • Jacob
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    7 years ago

    America is not untouchable, nothing is.

    @Troy:The only attack we've had on MAIN soil is 9/11?

    What about the Mexican America War, War of Independence, War of 1812, the bombardment of Fort Stevens, the Thornton Affair, the bombardment of Ellwood, the Lookout Air Raids, the Fire balloon attacks, the Battle of Ambos Nogales and the Battle of Columbus?

  • ZER0
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    7 years ago

    Pretty much. Having the strongest military in the world has some benefits attached.

    Besides one would be stupid to invade America. We're an armed nation with the second amendment. Any invader would have to fight the military, the reserves/Guard, the police, militias, and any armed citizen who felt like joining into the fray. No doubt in a combat situation where citizens we're staying to fight they would be utilized.

    Source(s): Air Force
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  • 7 years ago

    Not by a long way. Most powerful country in the world now is China. All the Eastern countries are getting sick of the US trying to be the police of the world.

  • 7 years ago

    America is the most powerful country in the world... Very simple

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  • 7 years ago

    America is the most powerful country in the world.... simple as that.

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