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  • 8 years ago
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    Shoushan Zoo in recent months, continuous occurrence of the events of the baboon and crocodile attacks on humans, unfortunately, the victims have caused damage in the limb, the elephant attack in India, caused by an elephant stepthe tragedy of death. Regardless of its news coverage of the angle, generated the ideas of some events had to reflect on a Next.

    In most people the wrong idea that animals are cute, close proximity, or even rational, can communicate with some wild animals to the pet of, this is our biggest mistake concept; from some moviealbum or news broadcast or television media, domesticated animals, it is so lovely, so reflexively defer to the master's instructions, so most people mistakenly believe that the animals are cute, even fear humans -- especially the animals in the zoo.

    Wildlife (Wild Life), known as the wild, it must not be domesticated, it has to ask for food for humans, so had to temporarily succumbed to human, it is unable to control their animalistic; mankind are more difficult to control temper , not to mention the animals? must clearly identify the nature of the absolute inviolability of its domain, when his intuition VIOLATION Will attack invasive.

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    在大多數人誤以為動物是可愛的,接近,甚至是合理的,可以與一些野生動物的寵物,這是我們最大的錯誤概念,從一些moviealbum或消息廣播或電視媒體,家養動物,它是那麼可愛,那麼聽令於主人的指令,所以大多數人錯誤地認為,動物是可愛的,甚至是恐懼的人類 - 尤其是在動物園裡的動物。

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