Dear Friends, I have been using ABN Amro credit card and stopped using the card in the year 2009.?

Along with card i had loan with out standing balance at that point of time Rs.12000. In october 2009 the bank lawyer has asked me to pay Rs.5K towards credit card settlement. After that I didnt get any calls from the bank. About one week back I got call from delhi lawyer to settle the due and directed me to speak their bank personnel, who unilaterally suggested to me to settle the dues amounting Rs.33350 without giving any details. Of course I agreed over the phone to settle the dues. After agreeing, whether am I eligible to renegotiate with bank for settlement and shall I get a legal remedy for not sharing the information to me before asking for settlement. Also what is role of RBI in this matter. These Delhi lawyer is threatening me and family members through delhi police personnel without providing any legal documents of my case. Finally if I settle the entire dues asked by the bank people, shall I seek legal remedy through consumer forum.

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    You should consult an attorney in your area to know what can and can't be done.

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