Comp Cam problems for a 1995 Chevy 350 TBI?

I had bought a comp cam cl 12-256-4 with a lift of .449/.456 and a duration of 256/268. i properly installed it and got the timing correct. But i did not get that popcorn like noise i wanted to hear. Do i need to go bigger or what. What do i have to do to get that noise.

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    You cannot install a cam with a lumpy idle in a stock TBI. The MAP sensor will go COMPLETELY insane. TBI's work best with single pattern cams. If you want a quality designed and manufactured cam, STOP buying MEGA mass produced Comp, 45 year old Summit copied regrinds, or Lunati and Isky cams. But what I have said, Comp especially. There is but a VERY SMALL few at Comp who have a clue. I bet you can talk to their cam sales department and the number of different cam suggestions you will get for your VERY specific application will be about equal to the number of people there that you ask the question. LOL.

    With Lunati, the lobe to lobe consistency and quality control from cam to cam of the identical grind is all over the place. Therefore, you should be using a degree wheel and dial indicator to properly phase your intake and exhaust centerlines.

    All I am saying is if you want a throw it in and go cam, give serious consideration to what I have stated above.

    I can also tell you the factory tune on the ECM leaves a LOT on the table even with the stock cam.

    You should be buying a throttle body spacer, an injector spacer and adjusting your fuel pressure to about 14 PSI. This is where I would start. Unless you put Vortec heads on the engine and a Throttle Body capable of flowing 600 CFM or greater, I highly suggest that you stick with a single pattern cam. A single pattern will give you more idle vacuum, low RPM torque and bette gas milage than a dual pattern cam will. The stock heads and limited induction will never keep up with a cam that is capable of making peak power above 5,000 RPM.

    Other than that, suit yourself my friend and don't say that I didn't warn ya. ;)

    Source(s): Camshaft design/manufacture, full competition race engine building/development, failure analysis of internal engine components, Carb blueprinting, drivability/MPG/durability expert, chem analysis of fuel, super-tuner. I will help/advise you, sell you cams, etc; but I am MUCH too busy to baby-sit you for free. Yes I WILL answer a private email or two, but don't slam me with endless emails asking endless questions or me to hold your hand. You can do so after you buy something from me
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    I never got to scan any coeds when I worked at AutoZone! There were a few colleges nearby that had plenty of them. Sounds more like you have some carbon built up around your idle air control motor, or the motor may be bad itself. It is located on the side of the throttle body. It is a small passage blocked by a small step motor that pulls away and allows more or less air past the throttle blade, thereby regulating the idle. Throttle position sensor can cause similar problems. Clean the motor and air passage, and test.

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    lunati part#10120641 I installed this one on mine people get it confused for a mother thumper from comp cam ihave avideo on you tubeof it lookup 1995 chevy with lunati cam

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  • the duration and overlap may not not be enough for that effect. the rocker arms may not have a strong enough of a ratio either.

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