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Is Terrell Davis underrated?

So had his career not been cut so short by injury, would his name be with Payton and Sanders? He had over 5200 yds in just three years. League MVP once, Super Bowl MVP, most yards in a season (including post season), numerous playoff records. I think he was one of the most talented backs I've ever see.

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    Not counting the years he was injured and didn't play, he averaged 105.1 yards per game. To reach Emmitt Smith, he would have had to play at that level for 18 years. To crack the top ten all-time, he would have had to rush like that for 14 years.

    Sorry, his name doesn't need to be with Edgerrin James and Marcus Allen, let alone with Sanders and Payton.

    However, do answer your original question, yes, he is absolutely underrated. He was a fantastic back, but doesn't get enough credit because his career was so short. I think he would have made the Hall of Fame if he could have played longer. But I think putting him among the best to EVER play the game is unfounded.

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