Ok this is a repost. i want to be a football qb.?

Ok I had to ask this again because the last 2 answer I dint like. Now again I'm not going to try to go to the nfl just cumunity collage--Want to be a good qb but need help.? So here's the thing I'm 5"9 200 lbs. And I've always wanted to play qb for a football team. Now I know I'm to small and short but I trust in my self and I think I could do it. I've always been big into football even when I was little I've watch football all the time and was a big troy aikman fan. And now when I don't work I sit at home and all I do is watch the nfl network and play madden. (Football is my life). I know a lot about football plays but never played it in school. They said I was to short and need to play another position and I just leave. I really want to join my collage football team and I've been practecing. I've been throwing the football for hours until my arm is num. And I'm. Working out to get into really good shape( I want to gain 10lbs). So here's the question. Before I go up to the coach next year I want to be ready. What should I do? How to practice for it. What exersice to do. what plays should I practice so I won't look stupid. What should be my goal to be a decent qb at collage. Use to play soccer so I got running legs and fast movements. Also baseball(pitcher) so I have an cannon and I can reach 50 yards. I know its not far but its good and please I'm not trying to join the nfl so please don't say that I can't do it cus I'm short or un experience.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Anyone can be great at a sport no matter the size. Your situation Cons- trouble seeing over the line and they just generally use some one that's 6'1-6'4 but there's always the chance Pros- smaller people are generally quicker and can juke a lot faster that why a lot of running backs are 6'0 and smaller so your combination is a plus. Now what to do. I played football my freshman year as a reciecer that's all I played but I watch our team play. My cousin who is 6'4 and had a cannon was played as a reciecer and our quarter back was 5'7 about 180 and he was a great quarter back. He made the flats his pocket. A lot of QBs do the traditional 1-2-3 drop into there pocket. Your main step is gonna have to be a roll, roll to the flats to get into open area where you can juke large slow linemen. You know football if a QB goes to pass then the linebackers will drop back unless its a blitz. But that's what your gonna have to do be quick in the back field and be smart. Hope this helps!

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    Don't let anyone tell you you can't do something . If you want to be a qb , go get it . Your going to have to work twice as hard as the taller guys . People said Mike Tyson was too short for the heavyweight division . On top of that , he had 1 fully functioning lung . He proved them all wrong and ended up becoming the youngest heavyweight champion . Never give up. Don't listen to the naysayers

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    You must have a Quarterback face.

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    damm, lol...

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