Will my daughter stutter?

I have a stuttering problem and I was wondering what are the chances my daughter will stutter too? I used to take speech therapy but that didn't do anything. When I was young, I would get teased for it and I became extremely shy. I now have my own little ways of catching myself before I stutter so I'm confident now and all, I was just wondering if this is a genetic thing.. No one in my dads family stutters and neither does my mom (she was adopted so I don't know if her family had this issue.) My brothers don't stutter either. I have a daughter who is almost one and I'm scared she will stutter too. What are the chances? Is it genetic or can anyone just get it?

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  • Hiran
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    8 years ago
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    I wouldn't know medically, however my father had one although I've seem him speak in front of 500 hundred people and be word perfect again and again. I do not have a stutter and neither do my sisters.

    Although I just have to be in the presence of someone who does and I immediately follow suit.

    Sorry for not being much help, just thought you might like to read my Dads and my experiences.

    Source(s): A closet stutterer.
  • zaheer
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    4 years ago

    it is common for babies to bypass with the help of stuttering stages. typically, it occurs at the same time as their mouth can not save up with the recommendations operating with the help of their head. For now, do not issue about it and do not carry it on your daughter's interest. encourage her to decelerate and hear her patiently.

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