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Do Americans Think South America Is Other Continent Separated From North & Central America?

Greetings from Paraguay(South America)..

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    Please, do please, forgive us.

    It's not our fault that our government is making schools and education dumber and dumber every year.

    Since the Presidency of Bush Jr (yes, the dictator!), it was passed as a law that from Mexico to the North of Canada is North America, and from the South of Mexico to the last tip of South Argentina, is South America. Not just that, but also that they are Two Separate Continents!

    Incredible, isn't it?!

    No wonder why 'almost' 90% of High School Graduates Do Not Know how to: Read, Write in Cursive, do Basic Math, and '0' in Geography. Horrible, just horrible...

    Source(s): I love your country, and I miss that beautiful music with the Harp. Man, how wonderful that is!
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    We (North Americans) are taught that there are 6 continents, while many other Americans (those living in the southern hempisphere) are taught there are 5 continents, as are some Europeans (mainly non British). Then there are some that are taught there are 4 continents (Eurasia, Africa, Australia and the controversial Antartica). That being said, this is a difficult question - as continents are not geopolitical entities that can have official borders. Meaning, even though N America and S America are joined in one continuous land mass, some believe continents sit on different plates on the earths surface. But I don't believe there is concrete science to say that there is or isn't a true division of the Americas, years of different political entities have created the north and South America. In the immediate years following columbus 1492 visit, it was America. the separate designations a result of Iberian control of one region and British/French control of the other.

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    North America and South America are related in the same way as Europe and Asia, 2 separate continents that happen to be touching each other. Also, when you say Americans, then I do believe that it includes all from North, and South America, but is normally generalized as just people from the US.

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    As an American, I actually have NO IDEA what most Americans think.

    I believe that South America is another continent than North America (which includes Central America), but they 'are' connected by the Isthmus of Panama.

    ...Which I guess is technically split by the Panama Canal...

    Fun fact: there are eleven nations that have land on mainland North America, and only two of them don't border both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. [El Salvador and Belize; Colombia slips into North America a little bit, so I'm counting it.]

    The Brazilian girl reminds me of an "actually interesting" fact: After the Civil War, many Confederates moved to Brazil. In fact, there's a town called "Americana" in Sao Paulo founded by ex-Confederates, and until very recently, the city's flag featured the Confederate flag on it.

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  • Golden
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    7 years ago

    South America

    North America

    2 separate continents

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    I'm American and I think of South America as Columbia and anything South of that.

    Panama to Guatemala is part of central.

    Mexico and North is North America. I'm not really sure though which Continent the central America subcontinent belongs to. If they are split up, or not. Additionally, many of the Caribbean islands confuse me. Like obviously Cuba is part of North America, but what about more southern islands like Grenada

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    Well Central America is not a continent. North America is. CA is considered a sub continent.

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    7 years ago

    Americans think south America is Brazil and nothing else or they just don't think about it at all

    Source(s): Sorry but it's kinda the truth
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    7 years ago

    Ok Americans might be "Silly" But they are not that silly....

  • 7 years ago

    It is and it's not. Have a good day!

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