breaking off a friendship?

So I'll try to be short because I don't really ever post questions here but I really need advice.

So I started dating this great, amazing, magnificent, intelligent, handsome, brilliant, human being. We've been together for almost 8 months. Anyway, before he approached me about dating I was talking to another boy at the time but things weren't going so well because he'd always disappoint me. He'd never come to see me or he'd be trying to get back together with his ex while expressing interest in me. I wasn't going to wait for him ( we never dated just talked and had interest. I honestly think he was trying to get in my pants as he is much older than me and I'm younger. out of high school if you must know but him...out of college.) Anyway, I would get hurt often because I felt cheated and lied to. Besides he was never blunt on whether he liked me or not. I always thought he was flirting. So I decided to not wait for him to make a move and I moved on. I dated another guy but that didn't last long. So after that guy and I broke up he came back in the picture and wanted to come around and see me. I hadn't seen him in a year but i thought I'd give him another chance...he didn't show...yet again. I had had it at this point so then I stopped talking to him. So then this amazing guy came into the picture and he wowed me beyond belief. There's just something there..not sure what it is. But before him nothing came between my feelings for this other guy...but that all changed. Now when I started dating this new guy then he confesses his feelings for me and says he's sorry and that I should go out with him. I didn't know what to say because at that point my feelings were fading for him and fast. I said no because I'm in a relationship and that I really liked the person I was with. He accepted his defeat. We decided to just be friends because all we did was fight after that. But then I kind of stopped liking him as a person too. I found that he was actually a jerk and that I didn't even want him as a friend. Every now and then he'll chat me or text me and I just ignore it. I told him once before that I didn't want to talk to him and that I was younger and stupider than I was now. But he won't listen. He says we're friends but he says things to me that I don't appreciate and they make me feel uncomfortable, I look at it this way he had his chance and he lost that.

I'm sick of this person honestly. I want him to leave me alone. It's getting kind of scary. He's civil yet says disturbing things from time to time which is another reason why I really don't like talking to him...How do I tell him to leave me alone. I could honestly careless if I ever talk to this person again.

This was pretty long...


also he would try to make me feel guilty and say that I was a bad person for not waiting for him and that it wasn't fair that I never gave him a chance...Can I say -insert Jackie Chan meme here-?

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  • Hugh
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    .At least you know in your heart this guy is pulling your chain.So that's a comfort knowing this creep is not all he thinks he is.Sometimes you have to b cruel to be kind.Kid gloves won't deter this guy.So you have to be vulgar and rude to deflect his advances.Tell him to f*ck of

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