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How can I correctly use my joystick with Microsoft Flight Simulator 10?

I've recently been playing flight simulator 10 and enjoy using my joystick, but am finding problems with it.

First off, often my rudder tends to flail to the left even if I am touching absolutely nothing. As you can imagine, this makes taking off and landing a challenge. Sometimes it becomes very difficult or takes a minute before I can turn the rudder to go right. (I don't believe it is the calibrations fault.)

My second problem is the throttle. Even if I hold down the slider to 0% and/or hit F1, I am unable to bring the engines to idle. In fact, the only way I've ever found to cut the engines to 0% is to turn the plane off, which is not an option.

Also, an unrelated problem I have -

Occasionally when I turn on the auto pilot, the plane begins to turn far up or down, which renders the AP useless.

This problems make the flying much more difficult, especially in jets. I would appreciate any help.

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  • Duane
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    7 years ago

    if you have a driver disk that came with joystick. if not google it and then you should be able to con-fig. CONTROLLER

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