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Why do people say that the holocaust hasn't been proven and that it didn't really happen?


Violeta: the holocaust was not simply the persecution of Jews. Other unpopular groups such as gypsies and homosexuals were also targeted.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Because there is evidence of the holocaust being distorted worse than it actually was.

    There is also contradictions to some supposed pictures of the holocaust that have been proved to be unrelated.

    There are also factual information that disproves some claims about it.

    Also in the 90's iirc, a polish scientist did some expirement with the ground at the breslau camp where he used some machine to (radar? I presume maybe?) test the ground. His report concluded that the ground had been undisturbed and there was no trace of massgraves or ash deposits.

    There is also the claims that zyklon b was not used, and therefore there were no gassings. As zyklon leaves blue permanant stains on the wall. Something auschwitz and all the other gas chambers lack.

    Please note that I do believe it happened, these opinions are meerly others opinions whom I have heard. Also excuse any typos, I'm using my phone.

    Source(s): I have a few friends who claim that the holocaust was "false" and by that they mean it did happen, but not how the history books say.
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Violeta: Your argument can be debunked with the most basic knowledge of the holocaust.

    1. Zyklon B canisters (the poison used to gas holocaust victims) were found in Auschwitz, Began Belson, etc. In the files for the military and concentration camp guards and workers of Nazi Germany, the person who drops the gas in is one of the duties listed, and x-German soldiers have come out and said they've performed the job.

    2. Victims were stripped naked before entering the gas chamber (usually told it was a shower)

    3. They weren't buried, some were, but a lot of bodies were put in crematories (ovens) after they were gassed. Other prisoners of the camp were force to put bodies in the oven (sometimes putting the bodies of their family members). Mass graves were dug, which is common during genocide, and again, prisoners were buried bodies as well.

    4. Concentration Camps where built on the country side, deep within Nazi Germany (Poland, Austria, Germany, etc.) They didn't need to "fight off the allies", the Nazi's fighting off the allies where over in Western Russia, France, Italy, etc.

    5. The creation of Israel supports that the holocaust happened. Many holocaust survivors immigrated to Israel after World War 2. They also immigrated to the United States (manly arriving at Ellis Island) which is why so many Jews live in New York. (I grew up there, but my family aren't holocaust survivors, my parents are from Russia)

    Your argument sucks. The holocaust happened, the earth is round, the sky is blue, etc. There is overwhelming evidence for it whether you want to accept it or not.

    To the asker: Its simply people denying history due to antisemitism or shame, just like some Turks deny the Armenian genocide.

    Source(s): Jewish
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  • Mike K
    Lv 7
    7 years ago


    1) They just love arguing for argument's sake. There were similar people I knew in the Flat Earth Society back in the early 60's but after we got into space they dropped out.

    2) Some like the Nazi system, the ideals, technology, great discipline and very snazzy uniforms.

    The extermination of the Jews was horrendous and inexcusable so they want to try and white wash what happened so as not to seem that obviously bad to their critics.

    3) Finally the Nazis condemned themselves on this. Sure the television broadcasts to the assault tape recorder and jet fighter were attributed to them but it never occurred to them to come up with a paper shredder. They were so over confident at winning the war, even when the chips were down that they left so many meticulous accounting records regarding their handiwork from the last set of their victim's spectacles and gold crowns right through to letters from death camp commanders whining about the inefficiency of the firing squads, gas chambers and crematoria.


    Michael Kelly

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  • 7 years ago

    when did white people ever killed their own white people to save a minority?

    joo's own the media, that's why you all believed it happen. Say and see it often enough and you will believe it.

    Do you really think if they use gas chambers they could get them out of the chambers then bury them or get rid of the bodies all 6 million. Have you seen how tiny those gas chambers were. You know how many people would be needed to kill that many and then have to bury them at the same time fight of the allies all within a few years time. Then everyone on internet was a holocoast survivor or they family were holocoast survivors, just too many and who are living in Izrael? also too many where did they all come from, and how are they still living in america and europe and Izrael.

    Settela was a gypsy yet they used her picture and video to promote the holocoast. If they can lie about that then they can lie about so many other things.

    I know what you are trying, but no they used a gypsy to promote the holocoast of joo's.

    I wonder how many holocoast movies are going to come out this year, I mean it's the only war that gets movies every year, for the last sixty years.

    edit: Of course we have to believe it happened, or else we would be doing something that is illegal...

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Anti-Semites will literally do or say anything to discredit Jews, even going so far as denying the biggest slaughter of Jewish people in centuries.

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  • 7 years ago

    I think because it was so horrendous people can't wrap their minds around it.

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  • 7 years ago

    if it never happened then there is no blame. it did happen!they are only fooling themselves.

    Source(s): HISTORY
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  • 7 years ago

    Because they're so full of hate.

    Source(s): One day I will chop somebodies nuts off
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