Need Help With Naming My Character's Family?

3 younger sisters aged: 13, 16 and 17

3 younger brothers aged: 14, 19, 21

1 older sister aged: 27

2 older brothers aged: 29 and 30

Twin brother aged: 23

The mom aged: 58

The dad aged: 60

6 nieces: 10 (her 30 year old brothers daughter)5, (her 27 year old sisters daughter) 2(her 17 year old sisters daughter) 1 (her 29 year old brothers daughter) 3 months (her 16 year sisters daughter), 4(twin brothers daughter)

2 nephews: 1(her 27 year old sisters son) 7(her twin brothers son)

4 aunts (dads side) aged: 50, 53, 45, 60(twin)

6 uncles (dads side) aged, 61, 49, 69, 80, 59, 58

2 aunts (moms side) aged: 45, 53

1 uncle (moms side) aged: 65

20 cousins (dads side) aged: 20(boy), 37(twin boy),15(boy) 13 (girl), 19 (boy), 20 (girl), 23 (boy) 35(girl) 37(twin girl), 31(boy)

40(girl) 16(twins boy), 16 (twins girl), 34(boy), 24(girl), 12(girl), 26(boy), 50(girl), 50(boy)

6 cousins (moms side) aged: 24(boy), 20(girl), 30(boy), 15(girl), 19(boy), 34(girl)

second cousins (moms side) aged: 3(boy), 11(girl), 12(boy)

the mom's name is Caroline Ivy and the oldest daughter which 27 is named after her:) have fun;)

BQ: Help with a story title!!! It's about this 23 year old JoAnne Brooke Kennedy who is in the Navy... Any suggestions??

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    Lorna Paige, Nina Kate, Carol Anne

    Mitchell Ray, Garrett James, Owen Cade

    Caroline Ivy (Jr.)

    Ian Scott, David Sean

    Judson Baines

    Caroline Ivy (Sr.)

    Roy Alan

    Mavis Dawn, Emma Sue, Carly Sage, Molly Greer, Suzanne Elle, Lena Claire

    Collin Jay, Spencer Keith

    Macy Beth, Billie Jean, Donna June, Lynette Beth

    George Lewis, Paul Eugene, Thomas Glenn, John David, Andrew Lloyd, Stephen Troy

    Audrey Fern, Joyce Violet

    Willis Reed

    Female cousins (dad's side): Ellen, Noelle, Megan, Hayley, Glory, Abby, Jessie, Ruby, Diane, Tessa

    Male cousins (dad's side): Nathan, Cooper, Ross, Kyle, Eric, Stewart, Curtis, Michael, Dalton, Nelson

    Female cousins (mom's side): Callie, Marsha, Rachel

    Male cousins (mom's side): Brandon, Dane, Lowell

    BQ - Kennedy's Navy?

    Good luck with your story.

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    Wow, big family!


    Madison, Margaret, Maria

    Charlie, Cole, Christian

    Ivy Carol 'named after mother like you said'

    Mark + James


    Caroline Ivy

    Benjamin 'Benny'

    Paisley, Lola, Claire, Sophia, Jane, Lily

    Charlie, Colin

    Gina, Leanne, Ruby, Mary Anne

    Bert, Carson, Oliver, Joseph, Big Al (had to think of something interesting, right?), Richard

    Diane, Loraine


    Jack, Patrick, Zach, Sarah, Bentley, Teagan, Oscar, Bethany, Brittany, Richie (after Uncle Richard)

    Patricia, Cole, Christine, John, Morgan, Emmy, Daniel, Tina, Evan

    Alex, Georgia, Doug, Ava, Steven, Amelia

    Maxwell, Olivia, Tommy

    BQ- I would do something incorporating her huge family. My suggestion would be 'Leaving Behind My Big Family' or 'Leaving the Full House'. The book sounds like it will be interesting. Good luck!

  • Oh Wow.



    Caroline Ivy (Jr.?)

    Spencer and Chad

    Max and Sam

    Caroline Ivy


    Terra (10) Sara (5) Skylar (2) Erica (1) Xandra (Zan-dra) (3 months) Vanessa (4)

    Alex (1) Ryan (7)

    Tessa (50) Erin (53) Ky (45) Jenny and Janae (Jen-ay) (60)




    Jacob,Edward and Mason,Justin,Amber,William,Ashley,Luke,Brenna,Greta and Emma,Noah,Allyson,Carter and Evan,Brooke and Rebecca,Ian,Amy,Ally,Nick,Grace,Blake



    My Family Matters Most?

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