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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 7 years ago

What changes did WW2 bring to the American home front?

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  • 7 years ago
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    A large number of young people from America participated in WW II and they returned home. Though there were many Americans killed in the War, the number wasn't that horrendous as was with Soviet Union or Germany.

    First there was the baby boom. It kept the hospitals & the medical community busy but for a happy cause. Then most of the young ones found their avocation towards 'Studies'. The universities & colleges were chock-a-block with new entrants with enriched experience, whose confidence in a boosted up phase and who could afford the cost of enrolment as they had good savings as well as GI. It brought a new stance of practicality to the staid academic world.

    Much of the interest shown in Academic activity was in the Science & Technology. What had been till then an esoteric pursuit like Electronics, Aeronautics and Nuclear Sciences sought to find Technology outlets. It came about that there is a humongous addition to the Academics in such fields and that was needed to be shared. In a short time America had become the Technological leader of the world - a knowledge Power. Laboratories & Universities became the repositories of knowledge of practical utility - the Technology. It was unprecedented. These new courses and curricula in USA attracted the best brains to it and the trend continues till now after seven decades. This changed the notion that a University is an ivory tower where esoteric knowledge is pursued, away from the daily life of ordinary men. Technology spawned its own intellectual heights of thinking in a spiral of increasing knowledge with far reaching epistemological consequences. The country became the epicentre for knowledge explosion. That is the best that has happened to USA ever. Even the most esoteric parts of knowledge were 'Applied'. Examples are George Boole's binary logic that became the foundation of Computer Science & Technology, making it possible for translating human concepts on to 'Chips'. All this was made possible by humongous amount of work put in by Americans of high intellectual caliber, after the War. It gave a new facet to American Society, spawning myriad jobs that were even milked for the commercial potential and in turn made America rich. It set a standard of academic excellence that others emulated. Centres of excellence on similar lines were established in Western Europe, Soviet Union, Japan & India. This pursuit took other parts (countries in East Asia) in its embrace.

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