Scrapbooking HELP!!! with very few supplies?

My friends and I are doing a scrapbook competition. It is a high school thing, but the rules are really strict and the competition is competitive. It pretty much says me are only allowed to use BLANK PAPER(could be colored but not printed), SCISSORS, PENS, and PENCILS. It seems really hard, and I need some advice and ideas on what to do. We are also not allowed to use any motorized or electronic devices. We also have to write captions without the use of a computer. Please help I need it to look professional. If you could write me an answer back I will greatly appreciate it.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Maybe one of the post important things to do is to get your color pallets down. Don't rush the entries and you can write them one line at a time and stager the lines in a paragraph beneath the photo. Look up semi-fancy swirls or designs that you could use to fill some of the empty space on the page. Layering your different pieces of paper is advised, but don't over do it. Also, if available, use colored cardstock or other sturdy, non run-of-the-mill construction paper. Take your time and it should be just fine :) Good luck

    Source(s): I'm an art major in college and I own scrap booking guides
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