Getting a first tattoo, suggestions?

With my tax return money, I'm getting my first tattoo. I am wanting to get it on the left part of my chest, but i would also like it to be an inspired design. I'm a big fan of bleach/naruto as far as anime, i also enjoy supernatural, but i really don't want to get the anti-possession one they have (i was gonna get it but my d-bag friend did it recently). so i'm looking for suggestions on what i could get. and please noone give generic answers like "get your favorite character tattoo'd on you" because in my experience tattoos of people or anime characters usually just look stupid.


I'm not really interested in getting an entire character or creature, just something subtle, like maybe kakashi's shoulder tat from naruto (the anbu swirl), or renji's tribal tats (though not that big)

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  • 7 years ago
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    you could always get your favorite quote from SPN or get an enochian symbol - all available using a google search

  • 7 years ago

    I think maybe a hollow-type creature, (from bleach) would be cool, without maybe seeming childish later in life.

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