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Maria asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 8 years ago

Richard the Third character good or bad?

I am in a Richard the Third debate and I am suppose to come up with some questions about Richards character to ask to the other team. I am on the anti-Richard team. Anyway, I am struggling to come up with some good questions for them. If anyone has any advice they could offer me that would be great. Or even just some good comebacks for questions that they might ask me.

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    8 years ago
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    Richard - an ambiguous characer.

    He was certainly not the out-and-out villain the Tudors painted him as. He was a loyal supporter of his brother (Edward IV), courageous in battle, intelligent, generous, and scrupulously fair when it fell to him to dispense justice. All this is in the annals.

    However, when his bother died unexpectedly, he saw his main chance. He had his nephews (Edward V and his younger brother) declard illegitimate, and seized the crown for himself. A king he was popular, as he continued to be just and generous.

    But, whatever his apologists like to claim, he murdered his nephews (well, probably not personally, but...). This should not be surprising. The crown tempted many men. Henry IV murdered his cousin Richard II and seized his crown. Richard III and Edward IV together murdered their brother the Duke of Clarence for supporting the other side in the Wars of the Roses. Oh, and Thomas of Woodstock (son of Edward III and thus uncle to Henry IV and Richard II; and great-uncle to Henry V, Edward IV and Richard III) was assassinated by family members unknown.

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