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1.二次函數y=-2x ²:



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    交大游凱復的心得整理:Operations on polyhedra

    Elements are given from the seed (v,e,f) to the new forms, assuming seed is a convex polyhedron: (a topological sphere, Euler characteristic = 2)

    Operator Name Alternate

    construction vertices edges faces Description

    Seed v e f Seed form

    r Reflect

    (Hart) v e f Mirror image for chiral forms

    d dual f e v dual of the seed polyhedron - each vertex creates a new face

    a ambo e 2e 2 + e The edges are new vertices, while old vertices disappear. (rectify)

    j join da e + 2 2e e The seed is augmented with pyramids at a height high enough so that 2 coplanar triangles from 2 different pyramids share an edge.

    t truncate dkd 2e 3e e + 2 truncate all vertices.

    -- -- dk 2e 3e e + 2 Dual of kis, (bitruncation)

    -- -- kd e + 2 3e 2e Kis of dual

    k kis dtd e + 2 3e 2e raises a pyramid on each face.

    c chamfer e + v 4e 2e + f New hexagonal faces are added in place of edges.

    - - dc 2e + f 4e e + v

    e expand aa 2e 4e 2e + 2 Each vertex creates a new face and each edge creates a new quadrilateral. (cantellate)

    o ortho de 2e + 2 4e 2e Each n-gon faces are divided into n quadrilaterals.

    p propellor

    (Hart) v + 2e 4e e + f A face rotation that creates quadrilaterals at vertices (self-dual)

    - - dp e + f 4e v + 2e

    s snub dg 2e 5e 3e + 2 "expand and twist" – each vertex creates a new face and each edge creates two new triangles

    g gyro ds 3e + 2 5e 2e Each n-gon face is divided into n pentagons.

    b bevel ta 4e 6e 2e + 2 New faces are added in place of edges and vertices, Omnitruncation (Known as cantitruncation in higher polytopes).

    m meta db & kj 2e + 2 6e 4e n-gon faces are divided into 2n triangles

    Special forms

    The kis operator has a variation, kn, which only adds pyramids to n-sided faces.

    The truncate operator has a variation, tn, which only truncates order-n vertices.

    The operators are applied like functions from right to left. For

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    1.二次函數y=-2x ²:


    y =-2(x-3)^2


    y =-2(x-3)^2 - 4

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