How much would it cost to go backpackimg through Europe?

When I turn 18 I would like to go backpacking through europe. I would like to know the cost of airfaire, food, hotels etc. My trip would consist of going to France, Italy, Romamia, Greece, and also the United kingdom and Ireland. I would be coming from Utah in the United States and I speak French baisicaly fluently and I know the basics Italian. I have two years until I turn 18 so I have plenty of time to save money.

Please help!

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  • 7 years ago
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    People who backpack around Europe generally can get by for $100 per day staying in cheap hostels and carefully watching their budget. However, if you stay in hotels, it will cost you more. I usually spend 100 to 150 euro a night for a hotel. Prices really depend on exactly where you come from, when you visit, how you get around and what you see/do/eat.

    Here are some resources that can help you plan and check options and current prices for your trip (expect prices in the future to rise): - airfares & hotels; the explore function is useful for finding the less expensive places to fly into from your starting point. Tuscany is an entire region, not a town. The most convenient airports to fly into will be Pisa or Florence, but Rome or Bologna are also reasonable options. - particularly good for budget flights within Europe, but you can also use everywhere as a destination to do something like the explore option on Kayak. You may not need the airfares, but you can compare to the cost of the trains to get around. this one may be more useful for you. Palermo is a long trip by train, Naples to Palermo is one leg of the trip where you might consider flying. . This includes a huge amount of information on train travel throughout Europe - much more than there is room for in an answer here. The site has links to the various national train websites where you can find schedules and prices for trains. It also includes detailed descriptions of railpasses. This will tell you how to determine whether a railpass is worth the money for your trip (in Italy where I live railpasses are almost never worth the cost), which railpass to get, and how to use the railpass. There's also information on what to avoid in particular places.

    Driving can be expensive; fuel prices, tolls and parking all add up, but it can become cost effective for groups. You can check sites like Avis, Europcar, Sixt, etc, for your specific rental cost. Picking up in one country and dropping off in another can be very expensive. You can get driving distances and estimates fuel and toll costs on viamichelin: .

    . - hotels/B&Bs - prices for the same hotel can vary hugely depending on the season and what local events are going on. - hostels. - monasteries & convents that offer accommodations

    You can also look into camping or couch surfing as cheaper alternatives for accommodations.… - festivals, exhibitions and events - information & advice

    For sightseeing prices: check the websites for entrance fees for the museums & galleries you're interested in. I spend anywhere between nothing and 40 euro a day depending on exactly what I go to see when out exploring. For food, I spend around 25 to 50 euro for a meal, but you can eat for less. When I travel, I like to try the local specialties and the good restaurants. Shopping depends entirely on you.

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  • Jack
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    7 years ago

    How long were you planning to be away. For all of those countries you need at least a few months or else your trip will be spend on a bus.

    I'm Swedish and I've been to the UK and to France and I've been 4 weeks in the US. Now I'm going to give you all the prices in euro and you can translate it later.

    Now a cheap, basic hostel or B&B will set you back somewhere in between 35-55 euro for one night. And that's the same in all of Europe. Give or take a few euros.

    Food is another issue. I'm assuming that you won't be doing much cooking. Unfortunately for you Europe is not Asia where you can get awesome cuisine for 1 euro. A basic baguette will cost you about 5 euro, going to McDonald's is about 7-8 euro, a restaurant dinner at least 20 euro.

    Another issue is travels between countries and parties. Let's say you go from London to Paris. Plane ticket can go either way. It can be really expensive or really cheap. A train ticket on the other hand. My best guess is at least 150 euro. And then there are local buses, trains, taxis that will cost you a lot of money.

    And of course we have partying. Now as I said I live in Sweden and this is a more expensive country then the other on your list. But not by much. If I go out one night it will set me back around 100-150 euro. That's for all the booze, the entry fees, the food and all that. Say you're in England reduce that by 20-30 euro but basically the same.

    Honestly I would not recommend Europe. You're 16 so you don't make enough money to save enough money. And even if you do make enough money you'll be here a month. You'll need at least 1500 euro/month with all the travels, the hostels, the food, the drinks and everything. For that money you can be 2 months in Asia.

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  • Orla C
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    7 years ago

    Yes, but in all of those countries, people do speak English. You won't be the first foreign backpacker they meet, is what I'm saying.

    For flights - anyone's guess, but go to websites of airlines and look there.

    For all kinds of budget accommodation, check out

    For food, it depends on the country.

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