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What is the "First Lines" and other Radio trivia for 2/27/2013?

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    Before they were famous: Bubble Yum

    Celebrity Interview: Sheryl Crow

    Entertainment Video: Elton John

    First Lines: Arsenic and Old Lace

    Fun Video: glasses

    Games: 7

    Get your game on: Mark Hamill

    Hot music: Adele

    Hot music video: true

    Magic Music: Charles Hardin Holley

    Music: Adele

    Pop Quiz: Bruno Mars

    Show me the money: Lincoln Cent

    Video Trivia Anyone: Ray Lewis

    Video Trivia Time: engaged

    Videos NDN Style: money

    Video Trivia on Demand: 577 million dollars

    Today: 1933

    Pope Speaks: white

    Voting: Barrack Obama

    Digitalism: The music

    Madonna’s: Instagram

    Yahoo: Sarah


    630 on the top

    930 coal

    1040 slush

    4 laundry

    7 titantic

    Face George

    MCT Brazil

    iHeart: spr


    625 ocean

    925 month

    B2W Big Mountain

    425 Emcee


    905 baby

    1205 welcome

    305 building

    705 speak

  • First Lines: Arsenic and Old Lace

    Show me the Money: Lincoln cent

    Get Your Game On: Mark Hamill

    Before they were Famous: Bubble Yum

    Games: 7

    Country: Paris

    Music Pop Quiz: Bruno Mars

    Classic Rock Challenge: Cigarettes

    Games: 7

    Video Trivia Anyone: Ray Lewis

    Video Trivia Time: Engaged

    Videos NDN: Money

    Fun Video: Glasses

    Video Trivia On Demand: 577 MILLION DOLLARS

    Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: Sheryl Crow

    Entertainment Video Trivia: Elton John

    $500 Amazon Gift Card!: Four

    Pope Speaks English at Final Audience: White

    Today in History for February 27th: 1933

    Madonna's Photos Too Racy?: Instagram

    Digitalism On DJs Being The New Rock Sta: The music

    Voting Rights Law Under Fire in Supreme: Barack Obama

    Yahoo's CEO Decrees Workers Must Come Ba: Sarah

    AOL - Vogue Waves 26: Naturally Sexy

    AOL - Red Hot Fashion 26: Zappos

    AOL - Create Ombre Nails 26: Blues

    AOL - 50 Fun Manicures 26: Sparkly French Twist

    AOL - Danielle Coulanges 26: 56

    AOL - Lost 100lbs! 26: Develope

    AOL - Weight Loss Inspiration 26: Sweetens the deal.

    AOL - How To Tell If You're In Love 26: Soon Emerge

    AOL - Which Chocolate Is Best For You 26: Moderation

    AOL - Vision Problems 26: Presbyopia

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    US 99 Chicago

    Artist: Randy Houser

    Traffic: Route 66

    Taylor: Union Station

    Trish: Carrots

    Games: 7

    Video Trivia Time: Engaged

    Videos NDN: Money

    Video Trivia Anyone: Ray Lewis

    Fun Video: Glasses

    Video Demand: 577 million dollars

    Celebrity: Sheryl Crow

    Entertainment: Elton John

    First Lines: Arsenic and Old Lace

    Show me the Money: Lincoln cent

    Country: Paris

    Get Your Game On: Mark Hamill

    Before they were Famous: Bubble Yum

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    February 27, 2013

    US 99.5 Chicago

    Artist - Randy Houser

    Lunchtime Code - Carrots

    Traffic Jam - Curb

    Taylor - Billy Goat

    Email Blast - Summer

    Country - Paris

    Before They Were Famous Trivia - Bubble Yum.

    Celebrity Interview Video Trivia - Sheryl Crow

    Classic Rock Challenge - Cigarettes

    Entertainment Video Trivia - Elton John

    First Lines Trivia - Arsenic and Old Lace

    Fun Video Trivia - Glasses

    Games n eCards Trivia - 7.

    Get Your Game On Trivia - Mark Hamill

    Music Trivia - Adele.

    Show Me The Money Trivia - Lincoln Cent

    Video Trivia On Demand - 577 Million Dollars

    Video Trivia Anyone - Ray Lewis

    Video Trivia Time - Engaged

    Videos NDN Style - Money

    Daily Video Trivia - Glasses

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    Before They Were Famous - Bubble Yum

    Celebrity Interview Video - Sheryl Crowe

    Entertainment Video - Elton John

    First Lines- Arsenic And Old Lace

    Fun Video - Glasses

    Get Your Game On - Mark Hamil.

    Show Me The Money - Lincoln Cent

    Video Trivia On Demand - 577 Million Dollars

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    Los Angeles

    KYSR Star


    8:50 AM - Ulises

    1:50 PM - Yvonne

    4:50 PM - David

    KRTH Earth

    Listen & Win tix @ 2 - Long Train Running by Doobie Brothers

    Rock Music Trivia - James 'Munky' Shaffer of Korn

    Rock Video On Demand - The band play their instruments

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    US ninety nine Chicago Artist: Little enormous city traffic: The Brown Line Taylor: will have to've stated No EBlast: ACM Trish: Cobb Salad games: four before they were noted: lifestyles Scout First traces: George Orwell Get Your recreation On: Mickey Rourke exhibit me the money: 1792 nation tune trivia: Kris Kristofferson celebrity Interview Video trivia: Da Vinci entertainment Video minutiae: Flaming Lips Video amusement core: pink Video trivialities on Demand: Twitter Gimme Jimi trivialities: Rain Day, Dream Away Plaque trivialities 21: Braces Prescription trivialities 21: Pharmacy Prevention trivia 21: Older men and women Preventive minutiae 21: Lifetime

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    95.9 River Aurora Ill

    11:10am=Moving On Over

    4:10pm=Bad To The Bone

    08:10pm=Who Do You Love

    98.3 WCCQ Crest Hill Illinois

    Artist=Hank Williams Jr.


    100.7 QRock Crest Hill Illinois

    QRocker= Ace Frehley


    3 Thirty 3 Some=Pests

    104.3 K-Hits Chicago


    Classic Rock Challenge

    Eric Clapton is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his album titled, "Money and …" what?


    US99.5 Eblast =Summer

    Music Challenge

    Who was known as Feedback in their garage band days?


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    before famous) bubble yum

    get your game on) mark hamill

    show me the money) lincoln cent

    games) 7

    First Lines) arsenic and old lace

    fun) glasses

    video anyone) RAY lewis

    video time) ENGaged

    video ndn) MONey

    entertainment) elton john

    celebrity) sheryl crow

    today) 1933

    pope speaks) WHIte

    voting) barrack obama

    digitalism) the music

    madonna's) INStagram

    yahoo) sarah

    life of pi) 577 million


    630) ON the top

    930) COAl

    1040) SLUsh

    410) LAUndry


    hot music video) TRUE

    hot music) adele

    mct) brazil

    faceboook) GEOrge

    Iheart) SPR

    Bonus ) ARG


    625) OCEan

    925) MONth

    back) BIG mountain

    425) EMCee

    music) adele



    905) BABy

    1205) WELcome

    305) BUIlding


    music) charles hardin holley


    pop quiz bruno mars

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    Oldies 95.7

    Murphy & Meg's Video Code Word: Machine

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