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A good read similar to:?

I just finished reading Jane Eyre. It was an excellent novel. Can someone recommend a gothic romance novel similar to it?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The Scarletti curse - Christine Feehan

    The woman in white - Wilkie Collins

    Too wicked to kiss - Erica Ridley

    Season of the witch - Natasha Mostert

    Fire & Ice - Anne Avery

    Rivergate House - Elissa Grandower

    Mask of the night - Mary Ryan

    First love - Joyce Carol Oates

    Evil of Dark Harbor - Clarissa Ross

    Terror at Dark Harbor - (same)

    A hearse for Dark Harbor - (same)

    Out of the fog - (same)

    The castle in Transylvania - Jules Verne

    The midnight guardian - Sarah Jane Stratford

    The house at Sandalwood - Virginia Coffman

    Barringer House - Barbara Riefe

    A hint of witchcraft - Anna Gilbert

    Wings of the morning - David Beaty

    Bleak November - Rohan O' 'Grady

    The curse of the Montrolfes - (same author)

    Cameron Castle - Marilyn Ross

    Cauldron of evil - (same)

    Cellars of the dead - (same)

    Death's dark music

    Message from a ghost

    Waiting in the shadows

    The Castle of Otranto - Horace Walpole

    Moment of truth - Laura Conway

    Demonsouled - Jonathan Moeller

    Descent into dust - Jacqueline Lepore

    Don't close your eyes - Robert Ross

    Where darkness lives - (same)

    The house of Cheyne Walk - Perry Organ

    The knight's redemption - Joanne Rock

    Trenhawk - Mary Williams

    The man from Falcon Ridge - Rita B. Herron

    Menfreya in the morning - Victoria Holt

    The time of the Hunter's Moon - (same)

    Pact of the fathers - Ramsey Campbell

    Waiting for Gertrude - Bill Richardson

    The Ravencliff bride - Dawn Thompson

    Realm of shadows - Shannon Drake

    The tale of Halcyon Crane - Wendy Webb

    The third spectre - Dan Ross

    The witch of Ravensworth - George Brewer

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    If you want something gothic written in the same era try Wuthering Heights by Charlotte's sister Emily Bronte, though it is really depressing. or you could try Northanger Abby by Jane Austen, it has many gothic elements to it but it pokes fun at the genre just a bit, but it is a really good book. Heck if you want to read something with a similar feel to it but lacking the gothic element I can suggest anything by Austen or try North and South by Elizabeth Glaskell

    on the other hand if you want something from the period that is gothic but lacking on the romantic side i would suggest:

    The Monk by Mathew Gregory Lewis- this book is strange very strange but oddly enjoyable

    Dracula- don't write this book off till you read it it is actually very good!

    Frankenstein- an acuired taste i hated it the first two time i read it but now i have come to like it-relunctanly

    Poor Things by Alasdair Grey- this is a modern novel but written as if it were from the past it is supposed to be a re-imagining of frankenstien, but it's the kind of book you have to read to really get the full impact of its odd-ness

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