what kinds of people live in mexico?

Im doing a project and i want to know what kinds of people live in Mexico

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    I would say in Mexico you can find ALL types of people.

    For example, in Mexico you can find:

    Regarding nationality you can find many Mexicans of course, but also immigrants from every corner of the world, you find plenty people from other countries of Central and South America, also a lot of Americans, Europeans, Asians, and even some Africans. Many of them are legally in Mexico, but there are also many illegal immigrants.

    About ethnicity you will find that the majority of Mexicans are "Mestizos", that means that most Mexicans have a combined Indigenous-European (mostly Spanish) ancestry. But you will also find many "White" Mexicans, and Indigenous people as well. As I mentioned before there are also immigrants from everywhere, so don't be surprise if you see Mexicans that look Chinese, African or Scandinavian.

    If you speak about social classes, you will find some very few rich people (including the richest man in the world), some middle class that live relatively with some comfort (about 40% of population), some people that struggle to get enough money to pay their bills (other 40%) and some people that live in real poverty and you can see begging in the streets or live in the rural areas (about 15%)

    About religion, most Mexicans are Roman Catholic, although only few take religion very seriously. There are also other protestant Christians, Jews, Atheistic and Agnostic people, and you'll find that many immigrants bring their religion with them, so you can find Buddhists and Muslims also, but their numbers pale in comparison with the Catholic community.

    Your question is very general, so I don't know what aspect is more interesting for you, but you can be sure that in Mexico you'll find all sorts of people.

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    be more specific ..

    mexicans are of caucasian and indigenous/native ancestry..now that would be an authentic mexican because the country became known as mexico after the spanish took over and mexico later got independence, many people were "mestizos" already so that's why I call them authentic mexicans. Also there are people of only european ancestry..and they are white, they make up 15-20% of the population. The country has a middle class, and an upper class..and unfortunately many people are in poverty. those are my thoughts only xD

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    Legal Mexicans

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    You need to be much more specific. You can read the site below under Demographics if you want tp know the ethnicity pf the people in Mexico. there are rich people, poor people, people of Indio heritage, people of European heritage, educated people, uneducated people. Your question is really too general to answer well.

  • 8 years ago

    99% Mexicans

    1% Chupacabra

  • 8 years ago

    Mostly Mestizo (i.e. a blend between Natives and Spaniards), but there are a few Natives too (like in Chiapas).

  • 8 years ago

    Mexican people

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