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Dry Sex/Oral Sex...PREGNANCY!?

Okay I really need some help FAST.

I called plan pregnancy and all they could tell me is take a pregnancy test in two WEEKs!?

So on Saturday in the early morning I had unprotected oral sex with a guy and I am not on any birth control. I had my jeans on the whole time while he was naked. I was extremely wet and the wetness could even be felted on the outside of my jeans.

He ejaculated all over my face, hair, and throat. Is it possible I could still be at risk for pregnancy? Since I was wet could sperm get on my pants and “travel though”? I looked at the ovulation calculator and it said I was indeed ovulating during this time? Does that make me more susceptible?!?

He also put his hands down my pants only touching my butt before ejaculation (with pre-ejaculation on his hands?) and after oral and ejaculation touching, again only my butt. Can sperm get in that way as well? Also, I can’t remember, but I think I touched the outside of my jeans around my vagina area after he ejaculated. Does this increase the risk for pregnancy?

I then went to the bathroom a couple of hours later. Though, in between this two hour window of going to the bathroom, I kept touching my face, hair, throat.

Approximately 2 hours after he ejaculated along with using the restroom, I took out my contacts- I also changed my pants but not my underwear, could sperm have entered my vagina through any of these ways.

I then slept in the same bed as one of my friends without taking a shower and leaving the ejaculation? in my hair, face, and neck, and probably on my shirt and coat that I put back on after he ejaculated. Is she at risk for pregnancy since she slept by me and my nasty clothes? And I wore the jeans all day and night the next night with washing them. Am I still okay?

Further questions, can ejaculation be transferred/penetrated from my blue jean pants to my other pants that I changed into around 2 hours later? Can ejaculation go through my blue jeans and on to my underwear and sit there and “seep” in?

Can ejaculation stay go through my pants onto my underwear (since I was very wet) that I wore and then transfer on to my other pants that I changed into?

I cleaned and put back in the same contacts that were ejaculated on. Is this a problem as well?

I did take the morning after pill 60 hours after all of this happened. Does anyone know what my chances are of getting pregnant!?!? I'm sorry worried. I just want some stright ANSWERS!!


But, I was ovulating during this time as well. Does that increase my chance!?!

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    Really now? (-_-`)

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    To be honest it would be magical if you are preg! It is nearly impossible for you to get preg from that. And you took the morning after pill so Im sure your fine. Just to be sure do take a test in like 2 weeks. They have them at the dollar store and they do work just the same.

    Good luck

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  • 7 years ago

    There is no way that you or your friend could be pregnant. Sperm wouldn't make it through your jeans, and couldn't make it from your but all the way into your cervix. Relax. I'm 100% confident that you aren't pregnant.

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    Source(s): Getting Pregnant in 30 Days
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    Considering you did not mention of him entering you with his genitalia then you are on the clear.

    Your uterus does not connect to any other part of your your body, so even swallowing semen will not get you pregnant.

    you cant get pregnant with it on your clothes, hair or in your eyes. lol...

    And considering you dont know how you can get pregnant in the first place i suggest you dont do anything sexual at all until you fully understand it and also know the concequences.

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