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Did you know that Bill Clinton was once AWOL and a fugitive from justice?


BILL CLINTON’S MILITARY CAREER Source - Cdr. Hamilton McWorter USN (ret)

"Bill Clinton registers for the draft on September 08, 1964, accepting all contractual conditions of registering for the draft. Selective Service Number is 326 46 228.

Bill Clinton classified 2-S on November 17, 1964.

Bill Clinton reclassified 1-A on March 20, 1968.

Bill Clinton ordered to report for induction on July 28, 1969.

Bill Clinton refuses to report and is not inducted into

the military.

Bill Clinton reclassified 1-D after enlisting in the United States Army Reserves on August 07, 1969, under authority of COL. E. Holmes.

Clinton signs enlistment papers and takes oath of enlistment.

Bill Clinton fails to report to his duty station at the University of Arkansas ROTC, September 1969.

Bill Clinton reclassified 1-A on October 30, 1969, as enlistment with Army Reserves is revoked by Colonel E. Holmes and Clinton now AWOL and subject to arrest under Public Law 90-40 (2) (a) registrant who has failed to report...remain liable for induction.

Bill Clinton's birth date lottery number is 311, drawn December 1, 1969, but anyone who has already been ordered to report for induction is INELIGIBLE!

Bill Clinton runs for Congress (1974), while a fugitive from justice under Public Law 90-40.

Bill Clinton runs for Arkansas Attorney General (1976), while a fugitive from


Bill Clinton receives pardon on January 21, 1977, from President Carter.

Bill Clinton becomes the FIRST PARDONED FEDERAL FELON ever to serve as President of the United States."

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    A little late to complain about that. Quit yer biiatching!

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    At least Clinton almost served, unlike Obama. Barack Obama was 13 when we ended our involvement in Vietnam. He registered for the draft when he turned 18, as the law requires. There has been no draft since the Vietnam War. It's an all-volunteer army now.

    As for the rest of your lengthy, is that a question?

    Congratulations, you've found That is not a journalistic website. Information found on it may or may not be true. The information on it is well put together. It uses enough facts to make it seem truthful, but it's not.

    You do realize that Commander Hamilton McWhorter (USN) had nothing to do with Bill Clinton's draft. He is not speaking from a place of authority, but opinion.

    Clinton did register on September 8, 1964.

    He was classified 2-S, a student deferment.

    He was reclassified 1-A March, 1968. He was no longer an undergraduate.

    That's enough facts. This is what happened.

    Clinton got a favor from the local draft board. He received temporary protection from the draft that would allow him to go to Oxford on the Rhodes scholarship. Special consideration for Rhodes scholars was not unusual around the country. At the end of his first term, Clinton heard from the Selective Service telling him to take a physical at an airbase near London. Clinton did and passed. An order to report for induction followed three months later, sent by surface mail. It reached Clinton after he had started his second term. Clinton did not refuse to appear. The practice then was to allow students to finish the current term before reporting. Clinton did that.

    Upon returning to Arkansas, Clinton looked for an alternative to the draft and found one. He called connections to get into the University of Arkansas ROTC. His draft notice was nullified. Clinton then went back to Oxford for another term. Clinton's failure to report to the ROTC did not make him AWOL. The ROTC Director knew he was going to Oxford. He was due to return before his report date with the ROTC.

    He was not ordered to report for induction. No federal agents arrested him for draft evasion. No MP's came to get him for being AWOL. Now we are back into fact/fiction. You said Carter pardoned Clinton. President Carter did issue a pardon and amnesty in January, 1977. He did not pardon Clinton. Carter signed an executive order extending a pardon or amnesty to all those who were convicted or suspected of violating the Selective Service Act. Clinton committed no such violations.

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    Or a greater immoral president! This slug in all likelihood fell under the amnesty for draft dodgers, provided by making use of Jimmy Carter. Why liberals concept this guy could be an proper commander in chief is authentic data that they only think of with 0.5 a suggestions. As president, Clinton became dismal, at terrific. As commander in chief he became incompetent and a humiliation to the protection rigidity community. Hw carried his cowardice into the activity, and failed so badly in his first protection rigidity bump into (Somalia), that he feared the assumption of ever returned committing troops to strive against. as a consequence, the U. S. by no ability retaliated on six assaults against it, that got here approximately under his watch.

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    I will believe Commander Hamilton Mc Wharton USN over SNOPES and other leftist organizations like theirs.

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    You guys must have run out of ideas to hit Obama with. Now it's Bill.

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    Do all US politicians have to serve in the military?

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    Which JUST goes to Prove; EVERYone Deserves- a Second Chance !! :)

    Source(s): The BEST President- in Our Lifetimes.
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