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How many libs actually believe this?

Copied from "Sweet Sarah" in a previous post

"9/11 it happened under a Republican President who was warned it was going to happen and he just didn't care."

Is brain damage that prevalent in the Liberal masses?.

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    It's obviously Bush's fault, because he did not throw up an impenetrable force field over the entire US (since any "warning" was not specific.)

    That force field would have prevented any terrorism from happening in the country.

    Yes, he was only a few months into the transition from the Clinton government, and no such force field exits, but that is no excuse.

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    Not this one. Be that as it may non-specific warnings about Bin Laden were legion under both Clinton and Bush. A lack of direct intelligence and a lack of imagination by the intelligence bureaucracy are the primary blame for failing to see and prevent this attack. No one came to either Clinton or Bush and said - this man (Bin Laden) is an immediate threat and is actively executing a plan for a devestating attack on US civilian targets.

    But using 9/11 as a pretext for the ill conceived Iraq invasion and 8 year debacle is squarely on the shoulders of Bush and Cheney and that is bad enough.

  • Mark F
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    This refers to the now-famous August 6th, 2001 Presidential Daily Brief, which for anyone who has actually bothered to read it is far from the smoking gun often claimed. There is in fact, no actionable intelligence in it. Regardless, I don't think anyone could say with a straight face that terrorism was high on the aggenda of the Bush White House (or Congress for that matter) in the late summer of 2001.

    While it isn't true that Bush "let it happen", it is true he didn't do much to stop it either. Terrorism was simply not an administration priority at the time.

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    No, no one disputes that over Bush's August vacation he was handed reports that told of possible terror attacks using planes, but no further information was given, Like a lot of information, it wasn't terribly specific.

    Don't forget, at the time, we had quite a few hijackings of planes and ships going on, using planes as bombs wasn't on the menu, using planes as leverage was.

    I don't know if Bush cared or not, he never read them. Bush had an intense dislike and disrespect for Clinton and didn't want anything left of anything to do with the Clinton administration. To the point of releasing those stories about the Clinton staff damaging government property.

    It took the release of the GAO reports to clear that one up.

    And the report on terrorists planning attacks on planes went into the same garbage bin.

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    Why is your ignorance of the facts the fault of that other poster? The month Bush was sworn into office, a report was issued by a select committee that basically concluded that the US was vulnerable to just the kind of attack that occurred on 9/11. There were other warning signs over the following months, indications that al-Queda was planning something big. You are choosing to ignore all of that and simply call people names. Pretty childish.

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    A lot, since it's true. George W. Bush, a Republican, was president when 9/11 happened. He was briefed about possible 9/11-style attacks more than a month before they happened. His lack of concern is demonstrated by the fact that no additional security measures were put in place between the time he was briefed and the time we were attacked.

    If this is the product of brain damage instead of the facts, please point out the error.

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    The planning for 9/11 was under the Clinton administration.

    That is when the pilots enrolled in school to learn how to fly the planes.

    Liberals can't think that far.

    I have seen a lot of talk about Bush being warned ahead of time but no one in the last 11+ years has offered any evidence.

    @ Ian Hartman - Anyone who thinks he is better than other people is a fool !

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    I believe anything I'm told because I'mma Creationist.

    Peace brothers!

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    It's a fact. CIA sent several warning memos to the white house concerning terrorism before 9-11

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