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Can Internal medicine resident doctors do works of Pathologist?

Excuse me , sir. I have some questions about Microscopic and examination.

Can Internal medicine do work of microscope work? ( they do know how to see via Microscope?) or do they already in work schedule?

and... about blood examination, what pathologists do. Also Internal medicine doctors can do that work? (if needed) I know those are not on duty for Internal physicianers in usual times.

but, anyway Can they do or know how to do of Patholosits?(like Blood examination, microscope examination)

Seriously asking, sir.


Thankies, sir. But what I wanted to know is about... "Internal residents know how to see specimen via microscope and recognize what's going in specimen" though... Can someone get further? Really Sorry.

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    Well - Our residents (I am a pathologist) spend a lot of time doing macroscopic and microscopic analysis followed by writing up pathology reports under supervision of us senior pathologists. It takes quite some time before they are qualified to sign out pathology reports on their own.

    Learning pathology in medical school and working as a pathologist really are two different things.

    Previously hematologists did examine blood smears when suspicion of acute leukemia was raised. They don't do that anymore where I live, but this may be different elsewhere.

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    An internal med doc generally won't have the time to do more than cursory, basic microscopic exams.

    And, unless they do it often, the skills fade.

    Pathologists do nothing BUT examination of samples (blood, tissue, etc). They spend 1000's of hours doing this during training.

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    Nope, not at all. Internal medicine residencies are focused on using lab values and physical history and exam to diagnose.

    Us pathologists use the fluids and tissues you folks send to diagnose, via microscopy.

    No crossover, if any.

    Most big hospitals have a pathologist on call, if routine blood smear will not do the trick...

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    i assume you're contained in the u . s . a .---the answer will variety by technique of u . s .. IM: they could paintings in workplaces, hospitals, clinics, everywhere. Sub-specialties: similar answer. Hospitalists are physicians, typically experienced in IM, who paintings shifts in hospitals and manage regardless of inpatients are there (they don't have their very own sufferers, typically). ICU docs are in a lot of circumstances sub-uniqueness IM or surgical procedure experienced. In our wellbeing midsection there are countless clinical ICUs, staffed by technique of Pulmonary, pediatric, or Cardiology sub- professionals, and surgical ICUs staffed by technique of surgeons.

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