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Refer back to Document Henry IV, “The Edict of Nantes.” Explain what would motivate King Henry IV?

Refer back to Document 9.8 Henry IV, “The Edict of Nantes.” Explain what would motivate King Henry IV and King Louis XIV to reach such different conclusions about Protestantism in England. What were the objects of each ruler in issuing their decrees?

Article3 Louis XIV, “Revocation of the Edict of Nantes”:

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    The Edict of Nantes of 1598 was the formal act recognizing the rights of Protestants - the Huguenots - in France.

    There were constant tensions between Protestants and Roman Catholics during this era in various parts of the world.

    Louis XIV simply used the prerogative of an Absolute Ruler ('God-given Right') to rescind the Edict and enforce a regulation only Roman Catholics could move to the colonies of France. Louis XIV came up with his own Edict of Fontainebleu in 1685.

    Tensions with England are not mentioned in the sources used for this response.

    Source(s): Bunson, Matthew (ed) - OSV's Encyclopedia of Catholic History: Revised. Huntington: Our Sunday Visitor: 2004, p. 622 Cross, F. L. and E. A. Livingstone (eds) - The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church: Third Edition. New York: Oxford University Press: 1997, p. 1130
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    As we were not in your class yesterday, could you provide us with the rest of the details of your homework assignment?

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