Is the password on Belkin routers unique?

I recently purchased a Belkin wireless router. It came with a sticker with the password on it. Is this a unique password or is it generic for all Belkin routers of this model.

I am concerned because if it is generic then a lot of people will have the password and if they are close enough to my house can use my internet. As a matter of fact last night I saw a car just parked nearby with someone in it for quite while. Or maybe I am just being paranoid?...LOL.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The password is unique. However, I would recommend logging into the router and changing the network name to something your more familiar with so you don't forget. Once you've completed that task, I would make sure that the encryption level of the router is set to WPA2 and use a strong password that you can remember. Lastly, while logged into the router you have the ability to disable the public broadcast of your SSID. Meaning, only people who know the name of the network will be able to connect, this way your neighbors or people in cars cannot even see your network as an available connection.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The password to configure your router is probably unique. This is probably not the password for WiFI access to someone on your network.

    Any router with factory software can be "jammed" into providing WiFi access, without a password. (WPS vulnerability.)

    Someone could be packet snooping. They could emit a pulse to disconnect anyone in range, and listen in as all your devices renegotiate, supplying passwords.

    They could even listen in to cell phone or house wireless telephone communications.

    "last night I saw a car just parked nearby with someone in it for quite while. Or maybe I am just being paranoid?"

    You cannot stop them. You can document their presence, duration, and call the police for loitering in front of your house. I find walking out and photographing them usually makes them move away, as long as someone else is visible in their field of view. Otherwise you could just get shot.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Go to their website and determine if that number is in fact a "WPS". While there, obtain any and all updates for the device.

    Routers with a PIN on the box are NOT safe.

    These newer routers, due to the re-use of the PIN to generate it's 'pairing' with a device, can be hacked, allowing outsiders to do an off-line brute force attack to get the necessary PIN, then come back and join the LAN.

    Security Now;

    WPS (PIN setup) related: WPS Vulnerability status update for Linksys devices;

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