Doctor Requirement in Canada?

I am Retired Doctor from Pakistan Army medical corp with 25 years+ experience. I am 55 year old and my wife is also a doctor .she is 51 year old. I am Planning to move Canada. Please Guide me whole process. Should i have to find a job first or Should I obtain a License .GUIDE ME FULL PROCESS.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You cannot practice in Canada since you do not have the proper degrees and training, and no license. You cannot be hired until you get a license, and cannot get a license because you do not have the proper & acceptable degrees for Canadian (or US, etc) licensing. You need MD, not mbbs.

    You're rather too old to immigrate. It becomes quite difficult to immigrate & find jobs after age 50, and you cannot work long enough to accumulate much of a pension or anything. You say that you've retired, and while by North American standards that's a ridiculously early age to retire, you're likely to have a hard time getting proper credentials & license, then find work & work long enough for retirement in such a high-cost high-tax country.

    Immigration Canada - - has complete details, but this does not look promising at all. Furthermore, recent immigrants to Canada have been complaining that after a year in Canada, intensive job search, even with their degrees & experience, they cannot come up with any kind of job at all. Canada admitted too many immigrants for too many years, and it's catching up with them. If you forget getting licensing & try to find other jobs as legal immigrants, there's a high probability that you will not find any sort of work at all.

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  • hlavac
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    3 years ago

    interior the country, you may probably pass to college for a minimum of three, probably 4, years in the previous you ought to start your 4 years of medical college to earn an MD or a DO. U. Missouri-Kansas city has a six year mixed bachelor's and MD application, yet that's the only place i understand of the place you ought to earn an MD interior the country in below seven years after severe college.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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