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我之外想去的原因就是美國的自然景觀, 例如:黃石公園、優勝美地,大峽谷…等,然而有些知名度較不高,但生態景觀特殊的例如Redwood N.P., California、火山湖國家公園Crater Lake N.P., Oregon、Glacier N.P., Montana,如果是跟我一樣喜歡大自然的旅客可參考的去處。


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    I yearning for of does not just it of free, and United States has many progress local: technology. campaign. actually most main of purpose also is hopes to to there watch they of stadium and competition, because United States level Rod large Union (MLB) is each Rod players are wanted to to of Supreme Palace, is a master gathered of is located, and Stadium of is large, atmosphere also is stimulate, presumably each Rod fans are hopes to to there see witnessed about has up strong playing who and strong pitcher vs of stadium. There are NBA United States professional basket, there also have many baskets soccer players there, and after discovering an audience present, more closely than the MLB game, more stimulus is broken watch!!

    I want to go outside because of United States natural landscapes, such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon ... And so on, however some popularity is not high, but special ecological landscape such as Redwood N.P., California, Crater Lake National Park, Crater Lake N.P., Oregon, and Glacier N.P., Montana and, if like I like passengers may refer to the place of nature.

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