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  • 8 years ago
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    你好 ~ 以下為簡略回答,若需更多完整資訊,亦可自行輸入關鍵字搜尋。

    【Artist - Title】 Machine Gun Kelly (Feat. Ester Dean) - Invincible

    【Lyrics】[Ester Dean]

    Voices in the air

    I hear ‘em loud and clear

    Telling me to listen

    Whispers in my ear

    Nothing can compare

    I just wanna listen[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]

    As my world turns, the heart beats

    Not only in my chest, but the heart in the streets

    So when they feel this, they feel me

    But I can’t feel nothin’, outside these Dre Beats

    I am from the city of people, came from the bottom

    Standing on top of what was supposed to be my coffin, whats up?

    Except for shows, we are the dead man walkin’

    But reflections show this kid’s still got it

    Better be known I got the throne like I don’t know that there’s a king

    Never grew up around a family because I’m not a human being

    And anyone under my bubble thats coming in my spot, for the top

    Let ‘em hav it, cause when I leave, the whole world drops

    Lace up Kells[Hook]

    I hear voices in the air

    I hear it loud and clear

    They’re telling me to listen

    Whispers in my ear

    Nothing can compare

    I just want to listen

    Telling me

    I’m Invincible (3x)

    Telling me

    I’m Invincible (3x)

    I am..進一步確認煩請至 YOUTUBE..等網站試聽!!!


    Source(s): sweetslyrics
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