NYS Computer repair sales tax?

DO i need to charge sales tax on my computer repair business. If i repair a broken PC that does not require parts do i have to charge tax on my labor? What about parts? What about just a consultation do i need to charge sales tax on my knowledge? What about if i buy parts online from a website and they do not charge sales tax, do i have to PAY and charge sales tax on this sold item?


Bobby, i appreciate the insight, but unless you have anything INFORMATIVE to offer the Yahoo! community, please refrain from instructing us on what LONG steps to take regarding problems/questions. The internet is built for quick answers to questions not obvious advise that is clearly sarcastic! If i had the time to do this i would clearly not be asking the Yahoo! community at 2:34am Robert!

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    Sure does sound like it is past time for you to contact your local taxing authority in your area and get your business operation set up correctly with them and get them to tell you about and answer all of your question about being a local sales and use tax collector for them at this time in your life.

    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 02/26/2013

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