My 2004 Impala Climate Control, and Dash Lights Are Black?

I was moving, and taking out the harness connected into the back of the climate control module, when i noticed that the Dash Lights, and Climate Control lights went black, what could this be from. I know in the harness itself, there is at least one wire that isn't connecting up properly, because my blower motor went out, and wouldn't work up until i moved the harness. HELP!?!

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you watch the front of the CCM, dash lights and blower motor as you move the wiring around and with the key on what happens? Do you see any lights come on? If not and you are mechanically incline, get a wiring diagram for the CCM and blower motor and the instrument panel and a 12v test light then start troubleshoot the wiring. First check your fuses to see if you have a blown on, if so replace it. Check for operation of system, if blown again start the process of locating the problem wiring. Probe the 12v power source wire to the CCM to see if you have power, and then check for ground. If you are mechanically challenged and are unable to do the repairs, my suggestion is this; shops love seeing cars and trucks that need wiring repairs because its a money maker. I will explain, building a engine or replacing a starter is a exact science, meaning it should take a certain amount of time to repair those items according to the Mitchell time labor guide. Wiring is not a exact science, because wiring repairs could almost be anything. You can be given a rough idea of time for repair but it will be re quoted I bet several times. Think about this idea, find a friend that's a certified mechanic or know someone who knows one that will do side work. Its cheaper then paying shop rates, up to $100 an hour! Im a 20+ year ASE certified master mechanic and I have got a reputation for being really good with hard wiring problems. I have taken some real hard wiring repairs on the worse one was a RV that was plugged in to a RV parks 110v source panel and the transformer was hit by lighting. There was no surge protection on the parks system and completely fried the RVs harness, 110 and 12v systems. I was asked by the employer I worked for at the time if I was able to repair or re wire it FROM SCRATCH. I went and looked over the RV and said yes, How long the owner asked? I said it would take 50 hours, he said do it. I had it done and running in 43 hours FROM SCRATCH. Labor rate was $75 hourly x 50 hours= $3750. And I was working per work order at 35%= I made $750+. So you see, going to a shop for that repair my break you.

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    4 years ago

    first of all zedmilly confident you may replace the bulbs. they're soldered in yet may be unsoldered out. you in straightforward terms could warmth the solder and pump it off the touch factors with a solder pump. Then as quickly as you cleared the solder pull the bulbs out and put in the hot ones and solder them returned. Its relatively straightforward in case you have a sluggish hand.

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