I want to hang up fairy/Christmas lights in my room?

I really want to hang pretty lights up in my room, like Christmas or fairy lights. I was just sort of concerned cause my Christmas lights are beautiful in the dark but in the day, the cord is really thick and ugly. What do YOURS look like in the day? What's the difference between fairy and regular LED lights? What kind should I get if I don't like the cord? Thanks :)

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    7 years ago
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    If you are using this light for permanet usage purpose, what I mean it is for years application. I suggest you not using the Christmas light, because although they are creating amazing effect,but it is designed to be short period usage, so it can not used for a long time, if you mount this light for decorative purpose, it may add to your hassel of replacement from time to time. So I recommend it to use the LED Lights, they have the same decorative effect of the Christmas light, but it is designed to be long service life, that means you do not have the hassel of replacement after years of usage. Besides, quality should be taken consideration of. You can see a lot of Flexible Strip Light for that purpose at eBay, but it is not duratable, as it is made of poor material, soon become yellow and fading out. So you should choose a high quality selller. Once again I have purchase one strip light from one online lighting seller, their website link is www.alled.com.au; it is good, and by now, product faulty has not appeared. So you may go to ask whether they are selling the light you need.

  • 7 years ago

    Look at surround-sound audio equipment. They sell these little tacks which are used to keep the wires from the speakers neat and tidy, you could buy some and use them to keep the wires out of the way (around picture frames or in the corner of the wall or whatever)

    Source(s): might be called Cable Wire Clips instead of tacks. The salesman at the store will know what you mean anyway, lots of people ask for them without knowing their name
  • 7 years ago

    You need to be careful with tangling Christmas lights around you bed frame, posts etc..

    They can become very hot and cause fires and electrical problems due to fuses blowing..

    There are special types for bedroom decorations, look into these.. These normally come with various colour wires to blend with your walls etc..

    Source(s): I previously had bedroom lights - did research before buying
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