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Does the US government spend too much?

I mean do we have a spending problem in your eyes?

We are spending over DOUBLE what we spent under Clinton...even if we raised everyone's taxes to Clinton levels we'd still have MASSIVE deficits every year.

Americans don't make twice as much how can our deficits be anything but a spending problem?



Do you realize that taxing the rich at 100% wouldn't even come close to covering our deficit.

and if you tax the heck out of corporations you will only guarantee more outsourcing and high unemployment.

Even then, you still won't cover the deficits Obama has been running.

Update 2:


Defense is still not even close to being our biggest expense.

But at least you are looking at the spending side of the equation. Which is something we can actually control.

Update 3:


Obama a small spender!??!

As I said, he is spending DOUBLE what Clinton spent.

How on EARTH can you call that small spending.

Update 4:


Obama's expenditures (spending) were the highest in US history.

He is no small spender.

Update 5:


Actually Social Security still costs more than Defense.

Update 6:


Substantiate your claim.

We are collecting about 80% more revenue than as the end of Clinton's terms.

We are spending double.

That isn't a revenue problem....that is a spending problem.

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    @David says they don't pay enough tax.

    That is normal Liberal Math.

    He fails to acknowledge that even if we took 100% of what these Corporations and the Rich earn, we could not even pay for all the spending the US Government does in 1 year.

    It is not @David's fault that he does not realize this.

    It is not his fault that he is so poorly informed.

    It is Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Shultz, Mr. Matthews and Ms. Maddow that are Intentionally Misleading @David away from Truth and Reality in order to further their Agenda to gain power and control over people.

    I don't believe that people like @David and a multitude of other people that blindly follow and repeat what these Unethical Folk tell them.

    These people are very Charismatic. Very believable.

    Unfortunately, evil uses charisma and beauty to distract and mislead people.

    Anyone that says we do not have a Spending Problem or says we can fix our Problem with more Taxation falls into 1 of 2 categories:

    1) They are misled, misinformed, ignorant people that make important decisions based on Feelings and Emotions rather than Logic and Reason.


    2) They are selfish people that push that Ideology for personal gain; either to grab more power and control, or to get more stuff for free without having to Earn it.

    Hope I haven't offended. That was not my goal.

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    8 years ago

    Yes . The military budget had tripled since 1997 .

    Edit : There is absolutely no reason for the American taxpayers to fund 1,000 military bases outside our own soil . If those countries need security then let them at least pay for it .

    Obama's deficits have been coming down every year since he took over the Bush economy . Stop giving rich people our tax dollars and put people to work fixing the infrastructure and things will get better . Corporate tax rates are not the problem , corporate tax dodgers are . 150 of the top 400 companies pay no income tax on billions of dollars in PROFIT . The rich bankers not only don't pay income tax they turn around and print money and borrow it at 0 . 25 % interest and send us the bill .

    Lend me money at 0.25 % and I'll take a boat full . The big dollar people are the ones bankrupting this country , not the school kids getting a free lunch , or the workers who haven't had a raise in 15 years .

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    I think the problem isn't so much with spending in general as with areas where spending is done. There are a lot of areas of spending that actually produce economic revenue and serve to benefit the overall economy. The issue is that those are not the focal points of current spending calculus. I think we could do a lot to ensure that many government programs are streamlined, that funding for various programs is cut, but I don't know whether it's beneficial just to bring down spending instead of reallocating it. If our economic activity and job market were doing exceptionally well, sure, but they're not.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Spending is often sturdy for the monetary device. imagine of the human body. It receives tousled at the same time as something receives blocked up. move of the blood is so major to the wellbeing of the body. after we reduce off the poor so the wealthy could have too a lot that is like the blood all going to someone's head & none to their ft. they're going to fall over without the the same time as Bush's were in workplace we've had billions with Sr. now trillions with Jr. purely disapear from the move of our monetary device. Jr. knew the only thanks to trick us so we doesn't ***** develop into to have a conflict. So we are having an innaugaration arising that is going to placed a good purchase of human beings to paintings. it is sturdy, it is spending, it is circulating. Now after we are not spending our money on something that is going to assist others that is phenomenal to not spend it...the reason individuals are keeping to save now is that there are not any new jobs in sight & is actual not for a at the same time case you want to be inspired by technique of what might want to be done do a search for for Clinton Gore accomplishments. They were like miracle workers....we ought to do what they did yet Bush messes issues up so undesirable that if we may be able to ever get immediately it's going to be a miracle so the reason you're being informed both issues is reason both are major so that you ought to do what's sweet for you.

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  • 8 years ago

    Nope we don't have a spending problem..we have a REVENUE problem...since the Reagan Revolution...taxes on the rich and corporations have been dwindling..

    Right now..Obama is a very low spender, but we're running big deficits because corporations still pay no taxes, and the super rich ( like Romney) pay historical low taxes..additionally, with the recession there are so many fewer tax payers because of unemployement..AND because of Reaganomics 1in3 people are living near poverty, so there is no tax money coming from them either

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I know this may come as a real shock to the Republican system. We do not have a spending problem. Republicans on the Hill know this full well. But they don't want you to know. If they did. You wouldn't be parading this false claim out here daily.

  • 8 years ago

    well since we spend twice the GDP on the military as the next closest country I see some room for cuts there

    Edit yea defense is our biggest expense

  • Edward
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    8 years ago

    We sure do when you have to borrow 46 cents of every spending dollar you have a big problem no matter what BO=TOX Nancy P says.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    We have major spending problem, liberals seem to be in denial about this though.

  • Jay H
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    8 years ago

    Yes we do. I guess being the foremost world police force gets pricey.

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